Monday, 12 November 2007

Tales of an Asthmatic Cantor

Breathing, as far as bodily functions is concerned, is completely underrated. I, mean really, how many hours in daily life does one actually think about the fact that oxygen is coming in and CO2 is being expelled? Our bodies talk to us all the time. As mid-life has rapidly encroached, there is an endless litany of aches and pains that can only be described as infuriating. It takes me longer each morning to get out of bed simply because I need to stretch and move each individual joint just to see if they still function. My stomach is upset all the time-I suppose that I can't eat French fries, onion rings and chicken wings all at one meal anymore. And please don't get me started on the gas!!! Have you ever noticed that everybody, when they hit a certain age, complains about their decaying bodies. "Oh my_________ is sooooo sore! (insert applicable failing part here!) I once asked my mother what she thought the secret was to the long and enduring marriage she shares with my Dad. Without missing a beat she exclaimed (tongue firmly planted in cheek) "PAIN"! "We understand each other's physical pain". "One of us is always complaining about something-and we accept it in each other." We are crumbling as we speak and there is no amount of exercise, new-aged medicine, pill-popping nor Oprah-endorsed solution that can really help. (Please note that this rant is coming from someone who exercises on a daily basis, takes supplemental vitamins, and usually is quite careful about food.) But, breathing is different. We don't notice that we do it until we can't. We take it for granted. The constant chaos in the house over the last week has put my breathing squarely in the upper-most area of my thoughts. DUST!! It is the enemy of the asthmatic. The constant commotion here has unsettled dust that has probably been in place since confederation. Our house requires an air-quality reading. Our brand new, state of the art air filter has been crying and sputtering "Help Me" for over a week. (I am actually taking pity on the machine!!) I have considered wearing a surgical mask, but it just comes off too SARS inducing. And so-I expel noises that no spouse or offspring should ever have to hear. My puffers are now on permanent stand-by on the night stand and green tea is my elixir of the gods. As we begin week 2 of this project, I have been hearing from many people that if I just take deep breaths and relax, it will be much easier to endure. Oh how right you all are!!!

We have a sub-floor in the kitchen, and much of the plumbing has been re-located. See what happens when I escape for an entire day? More pictures to follow.

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