Thursday, 8 November 2007

Oh the noise noise noise noise.....

With apologies to Dr. Seuss' Grinch, noise is not something that I usually take issue with. The noises of the world around us are much like a symphony of sound that most of us have either learned to tune out, escape or embrace with the fullness of our beings. I tend to hear beauty in noise. The constant hum of lawnmowers and snowblowers (depending on the season) is a reminder of the wonders of nature. (with the expressed caveat that there is nothing beautiful about winter!!!) People talking (or yelling, screaming or ranting) tweaks our interpersonal skills and shows us that we are not here alone and we must interact to survive. I love trying to figure out people's accents or playing voice recognition games with celebrity voices. I am one of those unusual people that likes noise. I keep the TV or radio on for company. Music is a constant. There is constant white noise going on in this house. One could even assert that what I do for a living is noise-inducing. (I am certain that there are MANY people who would make that argument!) I tend to shun silence and quiet. It drives the silence-seeking husband crazy at times, but he has come to understand that I am a noisy person with a big voice that cannot be squelched. It is with this understanding that I am embracing the constant noise that is accompanying our destruction. The banging, sawing, crashing, glass-breaking and fingernail on chalkboard like sounds that are pouring out from every corner and crevice of the house, are enough to drive the average person to heavy drink. (As anyone who knows me well, it would take much more than that to cause me to imbibe.) Diet Coke binges aside, I am relishing in these noises. These are the sounds of work and progress. These are the noises of consistency and hopes of completion. I AM PAYING BIG TIME FOR THESE NOISES AND I INTEND TO ENJOY EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!! For those Grinches amongst you-Whoville is the next town over.

A quick update--the moshiach has indeed arrived in the person of Outside hunky contractor. Jericho's walls had nothing on mine, but it is finally coming down.

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