Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Oh the absurdities of life!

Life is filled with absurdities. Those niggling inconsistencies that make one wonder the cosmic WHY??? I have always been fascinated with those women who show up at the gym in the wee hours of the morning, ready to work their gluts and abs until they drop, yet are perfectly coiffed and with faces done to the "nines". Who are they trying to impress? Within minutes of beginning their programs, these same beauties look like something out of a Wes Craven movie! Hair hanging limp and wet, and facial colours that would make Barnum and Bailey puff with pride. Oh the absurdity!! Have you ever watched with amusement as the person at the next table in the restaurant clearly describes his/her very specific dietary restrictions to the wait staff. "You see--I am on Weight Watchers and am only allowed 3 more points today--so I will have the HOT FUDGE FROZEN YOGURT SUNDAE AND A DIET COKE!" Oh the absurdity! Today I was faced with just such an absurdity. In the middle of the muck and the dust and the broken tiles and the plastic sheeting-I needed to continue with my weekly Tuesday practice of having the cleaning lady. Now the husband-calm, cool, collected and logical man that he is- quietly suggested to me last night that it might just be a good idea to cancel the poor woman for the duration. "NO!" said I. "We can't do that. The house might go to hell and get DIRTY and how could I live with that?" " And anyway-she depends on us for part of her livelihood." (my pinko commie liberal roots have come to the surface in that I feel that I owe the world a living.) Well-you should have seen her face when she walked in this morning. I calmly explained what was happening, told her what was possible and what was not, and that she would in all likelihood be leaving early. As I write this, she is actually vacuuming. I think that the workers are a bit stunned by her presence but I figure if it gets me through another day, we can live with the absurdity. One more thing. If you think that I am absurd, how about husband who, yesterday amongst the destruction, complained vociferiously that he couldn't access his scotch because the bar had been hermetically sealed. Absurd!!!

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