Thursday, 22 November 2007

Creatively Speaking

I had an interesting conversation today with my doctor. It was time for my annual experience in all things humbling and dignity crushing. In other words, the yearly physical. While she was performing some procedure that all women hate and all men hate to hear about, she was asking me how the boys are and in turn sharing about hers. Without getting into too much detail, (in order to protect the privacy of the young men involved!) we pondered on the subject on what young women are looking for in a young man. Dr. S couldn't understand some of today's young females in that they seem to look for the "bad boys" instead of what she termed the "keepers". I was never personally into the bad boys. While I can understand the attraction to adventure and spontaneity, I always preferred (still do!) the brilliant guy with a rounded sense of himself and most importantly, he must have a creative streak. The creative soul is what keeps us all on our toes. We spend a great deal of time worrying about teaching our children the fundamentals of education, but without the arts, what will they be reading and writing about? When I first graduated from university, I spent a summer working in a 9-5 job in a television news office. I have never been so miserable in my life. I felt caged and enslaved as if all of the oxygen had been sucked out of the universe. A musician friend told me that artists (believe me-I do not consider myself an artist-a hack with a guitar maybe, but never a true artist!) and creative people find working traditional hours and jobs daunting. According to her, this is why they prowl the night at clubs and galleries. We need the freedom to create whenever and wherever the mood strikes. I still search for creative outlets. It is true that the music provides an enormous release and I am always searching for ways to make it fresh and entertaining. (OK-maybe it is a stretch to call Kol Nidre entertaining, but I try!) There is a certain creative release in this writing. (Who knew?) But, I am really at home in the kitchen. I love trying new and interesting recipes. I love to bake! I can't eat most of it, given the fear of calories and lactose intolerance, (I inherited the Jewish stomach from both parents) but I love the smell and feel of cookies baking. I am truly addicted to the Food Network. (The husband has a huge crush on Giada Di Laurentis-he says it is all about the Italian cooking. Sure!!) We are, in essence, building a new creative home in our design for the new kitchen. It will be a place that will allow me the freedom to conjure without worrying about whether or not there is space to roll out the dough or chop the onions. It may not make me a better cook, but hopefully it will make me a freer one! Cooking and baking are extraordinarily creative. It is said that baking is a science, but cooking is an art. Both give me the sustenance that I require, and I am not talking only about food.

Inside reliable returned to the mess that he created today. He did a little more guck application and a bit more sanding. He says that he is returning Saturday to finish the sanding and to prime the walls. When that is complete, I will add to the photo album. He swears that the cabinets will be in next week. We shall see. As a result, the appliances' delivery has been delayed until next Friday. Where is Hunky, you may ask? Me too! Given the weather, I figure he may show up when the ground thaws, perhaps April? He exists in his own orbit, so when he decides to return, I will let you all know.


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