Monday, 5 November 2007

and so it begins....

I like to think that I am the kind of person that embraces change with fervor and vigour. Change is good for the soul. Change is life-affirming. Change makes you remember why you are here and what life is all about. That said, for the anal-retentive individuals out there, change is a right cross to the jaw! And so it begins. Today we embark upon a massive project I will be calling "The Great Kitchen Reno of 2007" or if you prefer "Barry's Folly!" As we speak, there are 4 or 5 very capable Asian men in my house doing what I think that we all wish we could do from time to time; wielding sledgehammers, saws and various power tools at my walls and windows. It appears extremely cathartic. All those stresses and other annoying and cloying life interferences disappear in one huge, massive blow to the drywall. The entire lower lever is encased in a massive plastic condom and any access to other parts of the house is severely limited. Oh--they did leave me a pathway to the laundry room as if doing loads of laundry will quell any urge I have towards self-mutilation. I suppose there is some logic in that. As long as she has something to clean she will survive. Of course physical nourishment might be a problem as I need to traverse the maze of shower curtains that adorn the house to find the food. I am comforted by the fact that Barry has to live here too, but feeling less than the adequate mother in the knowledge that Kyle will be subsisting on restaurant and take-out food for the foreseeable future. (That noise you hear is said teenage son doing the happy dance!!) I will post photos and other thoughts as this project hopefully moves forward in a timely and less destructive manner. Please, dear friends and family, keep me in your thoughts. Remember, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anal retentiveness are conditions that need understanding and compassion. Maybe you can all hold a telethon for me!

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