Monday, 15 February 2016

National Anthem Quick Hit

I haven't written in quite a while, so I thought that I'd give a very quick hit in order to answer some of the burning questions that have been lighting up my Facebook page this weekend and that I really don't feel like engaging with on said social media site.
  1. No....I didn't watch the NBA All-Star game or any part of All-Star weekend. I am not a basketball fan and that wasn't going to change simply because the all-star game was held in my hometown. The game's beauty eludes me, so I won't pretend. I hope it was great, that many were excited, and that Toronto performed well on the international stage.
  2. Yes...I did see Nelly Furtado sing O, Canada.
  3. Yes...I do think that she butchered it.
  4. No...I do not think that national anthems should be styled nor interpreted to suit individual singers. National anthems are not merely songs. They are musical representations of a country's national psyche and pride. If an artist wishes to "interpret" a song, pick a different melody and certainly a different venue. Would we fly a stylized Canadian flag at the event with a blue maple leaf just to suit the whim of an artist? 
  5. No...I don't think that National Anthems should be sung before sporting events. 
  6. Yes...Lady Gaga can sing.
  7. Yes...Ne-Yo can sing.
  8. Yes...Nelly Furtado can sing.
  9. No...I didn't get chills when any of them sang the anthems.
  10. Yes...I am a proud Canadian.
  11. No...That doesn't change because I'm not moved by the singing or playing of a national anthem.
Tomorrow's quick hit post may be about politics. Beware.

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