Friday, 26 June 2015

Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

I love Danny Kaye movies. He was a truly gifted actor/musician/comedian. Every movie he made just oozed with charm and fun. In his completely Hollywood-ized "biography" of Hans Christian Andersen, he croons a bit of a love letter to the city of Copenhagen. He sings:

Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen
Salty old queen of the sea
Once I sailed away
But I'm home today
Singing Copenhagen
Wonderful wonderful
Copenhagen for me

I agree with Mr. Kaye. There is a very homey feel to this city by the sea. It is busy and bustling, yet it is self-deprecating and communal. Yesterday, we chatted with a young waiter who attends college in Upstate New York. He told us that his parents couldn't understand why he would want to pay a fortune for his education when he could be getting it for free here at home. Free!!  

As we hopped onto a commuter train, we noticed that there was a car strictly for those with bikes equipped with appropriate racks to secure them. The bike lanes here are totally separated from both cars and pedestrians. This is a city  that has learned to compromise and accommodate all. I can almost hear Torontonian's heads exploding. 

During our canal tour yesterday, our guide Marie pointed out Denmark's contribution to the war in Iraq. It was a lonely submarine now sitting in dry dock in the harbour because it broke down during its mission. It now functions as a naval museum. The Danes seem just fine with this bit of comedy. There is no sense of lost national pride at all.

The people here are determined to enjoy whatever summer has to offer, even if the weather refuses to cooperate. On a chilly evening at Tivoli Gardens, the outdoor cafes and patios are equipped with furs and blankets for patrons to bundle up and/or snuggle up, and outdoor heaters are ignited so that the warmth is felt by all. The season is simply too short not to be savoured, and savour it they do!

Thank you for a wonderful few days, Madam. Mr. Kaye was correct. Copenhagen. She is a friendly old girl of a town.

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