Saturday, 13 September 2014

Blog Elul Day 18-Pray

"The issue is whether we're reaching people and helping them pray. Whatever we can do to facilitate their worship experience and spiritual exploration, we're obligated to do."~Debbie Friedman

"The purpose of prayer is to be able to transcend the traffic and the hustle of the daily routine-to begin the day by acknowledging the magic of each day, the miracle of our lives, our bodies, our breath, and our minds. Once we can appreciate ourselves as living breathing miracles, we can celebrate and give thanks to The Creator of All That Was, All That Is, and All That Will Be."~Debbie Friedman

Our prayer lets us become a little less self-involved and a little less in control. When we acknowledge the Divine Spirit and our minuscule place in the universe, we can be at peace.

Say A Prayer (from Memphis) Music by David Bryan; Lyrics by David Bryan and Joe DiPietro

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