Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Blog Elul Day 1-Preparation

I sing for a living. Some might say I am marginally ok at what I do, while others might argue that I should pack it in. Whatever one's opinion, it is what I do. Singing is an organic part of my psyche. It is part of my self-definition and I tend to do it all the time, even when I am not aware I am doing it. (Singing show tunes in the aisles of  grocery stores has proved a public embarrassment on more than one occasion.)

When my children were younger they had a pat response to my habit every time I would unwittingly open my mouth in song.

"Mom, Shut up!!" 


I have people praise me all the time for my talent and my own sons could barely tolerate it. This was especially true when I would come out with some non-sequitor line or verse from a Broadway musical to prove a point in any discussion had around the dinner table. The clear truth is that many Broadway composers have a brilliant way of describing exactly what I want to say in a manners far more eloquent than I could ever hope to achieve. 

It is why I will take my boys' advice and "shut up" during this attempt to blog the Jewish month of Elul and instead allow some of Broadway's geniuses to express my feelings and emotions. This month that serves as our preparatory time on the calendar leading into the Yamim Noraim, is necessary to examine and take stock of our physical, emotional, religious, and spiritual journeys. Today we begin to arrange and assemble our thoughts as we head toward the New Year. 

From Stephen Sondheim. Putting It Together  (originally from Sunday in the Park with George)

Sung here by Barbra Streisand.

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