Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Shopping With a Soul

It's that time of year once again when malls turn into roller derby arenas and shopping becomes a competitive sport where only the fittest survive. Elbows raised into that pose ensuring self-defence and credit cards readied for battle, we enter into the lion's den all in pursuit of sourcing that one "perfect gift". But, what if I could help? What if you could knock a few names off of that interminable list all from the comfort of your laptop and feel particularly spiritual about your purchases as well?

Enter my friends at Benevolent Baubles. (Full disclosure: The people who are the brains behind this new and distinctive jewelry business really are my friends, but I am receiving absolutely no compensation for this post in any manner whatsoever.) Using materials sourced from around the world, these two sisters/business partners are creating unique and beautiful pieces that range from funky to chunky, daytime to dainty. And while their necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are aesthetically beautiful and truly exclusive, it is their business model that has really caught my attention.

Many of the semi-precious stones, gems, ceramics and other articles that they use in their work have been purchased from women's micro-businesses and fair trade suppliers from around the globe. They handcraft each piece individually in an attempt to make that special creation truly fit the individual. They will even custom design on request. Their online store is now up and running so that browsing can be done at one's leisure and ordering and shipping are simple without the bruising of a contact recreational sport.

But, it is their devotion to altruism and worthy causes that sets Benevolent Baubles apart from the others, and makes them a must-shop internet locale this holiday season. A portion of each purchase made will be donated to the charity of your choice. There is a list of suggested and socially conscious organizations on their site, but if you request a certain group or charitable association, they will direct your donation appropriately. Hence the "Benevolent" part of their moniker.

I am not a great shopper. I sincerely don't enjoy the process and that is especially true at this time of year. Benevolent Baubles has put a beneficent face on the gift of giving. It is very much shopping with a soul.

If you are in the Toronto area you can contact them directly to book a home or office event. If not please check them out at or on Facebook at

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