Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like......

Curse you November!

You the most hated of months. The magnificence of October's colours and glory has dissolved into your blandness and grey. You toy with us, November. You tease a few flurries and remind us that winter is fast approaching whether or not we have cleared the fallen leaves from our gutters or put the snow tires on our cars. Your darkness is pervasive and your bone chilling falling temperatures enough to induce the creation of my hermitage. Frankly November, I kind of loathe you. Your only saving grace is that you contain only thirty days rather than thirty-one.

Your endless nature is why I have once again chosen to participate in National Blog Posting Month. The discipline of creating and writing every day provides the perfect counterbalance to the dreariness that is November. It keeps my mind and spirit occupied while the first effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder begin to ravage my body. But....the pressure to be witty, original, and readable can be immense. I am already experiencing night sweats just at the thought of thirty fresh posts.

When I asked The Husband what he thought of my diving into this project for a second consecutive year, his answer was an unqualified "Are you out of your f*@#ing mind?" He complained vociferously about my driving him to more drink in a desperate search of ideas for postings. So, in other words, he has found a way to make my project all about him! And he wasn't the only one. Younger Son's Young Lady told me with tongue firmly planted in cheek, that she would only read if I wrote about HER. I told her that we would play a "Where's Waldo"-type of game. I would insert her somewhere in each post and she would have to figure out where. I'm not certain if I have that kind of cleverness in me, but we shall see.

I will be bringing back some of last year's favourites such as Meatless Monday recipes for my vegetarian brethren and the Shabbat Music Breaks for Saturday's listening pleasure. Yes it is a cop-out, yes I am fundamentally lazy, and yes it takes two days out of every week where I don't have to stress all that much about posting. But, those two features were actually amongst my most popular and most widely read. It just proves my assertion that most blog readers have the attention span of a three-month old puppy in a yard full of squirrels.

So here we go again November. I refuse to let you beat me. You may suck big-time as a month, but you offer up a challenge that I cannot decline. It's either you or me, November. Only one of us can emerge victorious. Game on!


  1. Found your blog through NaBloPoMo. I'm with you...I'm not thrilled that the beautiful colors of autumn are falling to the ground--and I'm going to make it through this challenge--somehow!!

    I'll be sure to check back for Meatless Monday!!

    Cheers, Jenn

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read. Stop by any time. Even I am not certain what might be here!