Friday, 27 July 2012

Just One Minute

I have vivid recollections of the horrors that occurred at the Twentieth Olympiad in Munich Germany. I was nine. Just old enough to understand the excitement that the games generated around the world. Just old enough to bear eternal scars from a terrorist attack broadcast live around the globe to millions, if not billions of witnesses. I recall with acute clarity the catch in ABC sports anchor Jim McKay's voice when he announced the failed rescue attempt and reported the murders of the eleven Israeli athletes and one brave German police officer. And I will never forget being rendered forever mute by the extreme lack of sensitivity and compassion displayed by then IOC President Avery Brundage when he declared that "the games must go on."

Much has been written by authors far more eloquent than I about the intransigence of the IOC and the lack of a moment of silence at tonight's opening ceremonies to commemorate the murders that occurred forty years ago today. The feeble excuses and shallow explanations made by the incredibly insular Lords of the Rings of not wanting to politicize games that are political by their very nature, ring tremendously hollow. A moment of silence was held in Atlanta after the bombings at the 1996 Games. When a member of the Georgian luge team was tragically killed in Vancouver, a moment of silence was held. Following the horrors of 9/11, a moment of silence was held at the 2002 Games. Only the Israeli athletes have not been formally recognized.

NBC's Olympic host Bob Costas has already signalled his intention to hold a moment of silence during tonight's Opening Ceremonies. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama have implored the IOC to change its collective narrow mind. This past Saturday IOC President Jacques Rogges observed a "spontaneous moment" without first informing or inviting the athletes' families. His gesture has been dismissed as inadequate and disappointing.

We have sadly become immune to random acts of terror. While other horrible acts of violence preceded those Games, the summer of 1972 marked the beginning of the nightmares still to come for my generation. We lost our innocence that summer. I cannot even pretend to comprehend how the victims of Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora et al ad nauseum might feel if they were so easily dismissed and continually ignored by those we hold to a higher standard. Many around the world will be taking a moment of silence today regardless of whether or not the IOC deems it "appropriate". We can..... and we must..... take a moment in our communities today to remember those who came to Munich only wishing to compete in peace, but instead died in terror.  Zichronam Livracha.....May the memories of

David Berger
Ze’ev Friedman
Yossef Gutfreund
Eliezer Halfin
Yossef Romano 
Amitzur Shapira
Kehat Shorr
Mark Slavin
Andre Spitzer
Yakov Springer
Moshe Weinberg

and German police officer Anton Fliegerbauer forever be a blessing. 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

We Are All Woody's Children

Today marks Woody Guthrie's 100th Birthday. Woody's influence on American music cannot be overstated and his imprint on the legions of musicians that followed is legendary. This Land is Your Land has become an unofficial national anthem. Doug Mishkin was correct in his song, we are all indeed Woody's children.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Few Words and Phrases I have Come to Hate

An old friend used to post a list of words that she hates. The words were mostly onomatopoetic in nature and she did it for laughs, which she received in spades. She has updated it sporadically over the years and it never fails to elicit tremendous guffaws around here from both The Husband and me. Lately I have come to realize that there are a myriad of words and expressions that I too have come to detest. They may not have the lyrical cache of my friend's list, but they are a constant raspberry seed in my molar.

  1. Job Creators. This is a bullshit creation by bullshit creators-politicians.
  2. Taxpayers. It seems to me that we are all citizens who share in the common good, regardless of the amount of taxes we pay, and we deserve the same protection and consideration by our elected officials. Stop reducing me to the lowest common denominator. 
  3. Talking Points. How about trying honesty for a change.
  4. Talking Heads. As opposed to those heads that don't talk? 
  5. Political Strategists. If ever there was an oxymoronic expression, this one is it!
  6. Stump Speech. Did you know that candidates actually used to cut down a tree and stand on a stump to deliver these oratorical nightmares? Today, the reporters who cover these bland regurgitations positively drool if the politicos change even a comma.
  7. Transit Plan. Torontonians know just what I am talking about. Just build the f*#@ing thing already and stop with the plans and studies.
  8. Left Wing Socialist/Right Wing Fascist. Can't we disagree on policy without all of the ridiculous labels. Consensus is hard enough to achieve without dealing with the name calling.
  9. Autotune. This technology should be banned outright. 
  10. Arm Problems. My beloved Blue Jays currently have 7 (yes, lucky number 7) pitchers on the DL with major arm problems. One has to wonder if they have a contract to build Dr. Andrews' summer home.
This is a preliminary list. Feel free to add your own.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy 145 Canuckistan!!

In honour (notice the "U") of Canada's 145th, I thought it fitting to regale you with some of the Northern Territories finest musicians. Please enjoy my little Canuck gift, and may all of you celebrate this great land of ours today and every day.