Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Twas Three Weeks Before

With true apologies to Clement Moore, I offer my own little version of his holiday poem. My only request is that if you pass this on, please give me credit.  I really did write it!

Twas three weeks before solstice, and all over the earth,
People were hoping for a modicum of mirth.

With happiness tarnished, and nerves being frayed
By the loss of life-savings and 401Ks.

Investors were hopeful that something was ready
Perhaps a big bailout like Fannie and Freddie's?

But ma in her kerchief knew what was quite real
That only a car maker gets such a deal!

When out in the real world there rose such a clatter,
The dumbasses in office couldn't handle the matter.

On Sussex they blustered with more of the same
And dicked around playing political games.

They smirked and they name-called, each in their turn
And proverbially fiddled while watching Rome burn.

And south of the border, the lame-duck in chief
Just threw up his hands in stunned disbelief.

He'd nothing of substance to say to the mob,
He believes that they're doing "A Heckuva Job".

And, anyway he has a task that's more fun
It's pardoning season in old Washington!

And quick as a flash he wondered aloud
"Who should I pardon in this motley crowd?"

"There's Rummy and Dick and Alberto pre-emptive,
And Marion Jones seems very redemptive!"

"And what should I do about Scooter so steady,
He really has suffered a great deal already!"

"And though we all know that your stars' clearly fell
A sign of my name will erase all that smell."

"For 50 more days I will do as I wish,
And truly believe it's been "Mission Accomplished!"

But, out in the distance a small ray of hope,
That made us believe that we might really cope.

A man who is smart and steady and wise
Survived an election in spite of the lies.

He's already shown that he will not tarry
We really do like this Barack once named Barry!

His stride is with confidence, his thoughts they are deep
 Tries not to make promises he surely can't keep.

His words they are measured and honestly even,
He needs to come north and give lessons to Stephen.

He knows it is tough, this task he has taken,
But the people won't feel as though they're forsaken.

As he and his family prepare to move in,
Perhaps world healing can finally begin.

Perhaps we can stop all the madness around
And seek some solutions that might be profound.

Start taking some care with the world so entrusted,
And start fixing up some of the stuff that's been busted!

It can't all be done in 4 or 8 years,
But a start is a start to allay a few fears.

And so I proclaim in this season of fest,
Let's look to the future and hope for the best!


  1. Very clever, Dawn! I especially like the part about the pardons.

  2. Wow!!! This is great. I will send it to others - with your name as the talented author!

  3. Send people the link to the blog. It bolsters my circulation! :)