Sunday, 21 December 2008

I Want a Dog!

As previously stated, I would love to have another dog. The Husband has been adamant in his disapproval, and has come up with every excuse under the sun as to why this would prove to be impossible. I have heard it all. "We aren't in town enough" or "Do you really want a big sloppy animal soiling our pristine living spaces again?" It isn't enough that I am the one who goes the extra inch to keep those living spaces pristine, now he feels that it is his responsibility to remind me of the cleaning duties. None of these half-assed pretenses has deterred me in my quest for a chocolate brown labrador puppy, but I feel as though I am fighting an increasingly losing battle. This week, my dear friend Twin Son's Better Half, took up the cause on my behalf. She suggested that we share the animal or else she might be forced into adopting a second feline for their household, something to which Twin Son is forcefully opposed. A flurry of emails and Facebook notes went back and forth until it became almost comical. And while I have yet to give up entirely on my quest for filler for the animal void in my life, I have at least learned to tread a bit slower. I truly will have no other than canine in my home (please don't suggest aquatic, rodent, feline or rabbit-like creatures as substitutes--they positively will not do!), but I have made friends with a denizen of my building down south.  Check out the closest thing to a pet that I currently have in my life.


  1. What a handsome lad (or lassie?)!! Looks like a trip to a groomer is in his/her future.

  2. Does it come in chocolate (lab) colour?