Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My Son the Dillweed is in Fact a Genius!!

I realize that it is almost impossible to believe given how young and vital I appear, but I am now the mother of two high school graduates. Younger son complete his matriculation yesterday and is, as I type, winging his way to his summer home in the heart of the midwest. Younger son has always been the more easy going of the two XY progeny. He has sort of gone through life with a carefree "don't worry Mom it will get done" kind of attitude. As a result, we have often (fairly or not) labeled him the "most likely to get lost in a foreign country!" Worldly and street smart he is not! His grades have always been exceptional however, which has, on numerous occasions led the husband to remark "How could a smart kid like that, be such a dillweed?" Well he has officially graduated from dillweed! Look at what the boy did. He finished in the top rankings of his senior class and won the senior english award and the senior math and science award. I actually wept. Since he is denying us the pleasure of actually watching him walk across the dais and accept his diploma, (camp) I figured that this bragging from a uber-proud mom would have to do!! Look at what we created, husband!

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