Friday, 20 June 2008

It's Friday so it Must be-Stop the Stupid!!!

This post is proving way too easy to construct. There is a great deal of stupid in the world and the length, depth and breadth of stupidity is positively staggering. I realize that what I might find stupid and what you all might find stupid may clash on a political, economic or social scale, but in my mind stupid is stupid--so her we go.

1. My favourite George W. of the week came on Tuesday when, on commenting on the state of the unfortunate floods in Iowa and Illinois, the idiot in the Oval office remarked: "I, unfortunately have been to too many disasters as president." Can somebody please Stop this Stupid!!

2. A growing number of pharmacies in the United States are identifying themselves as pro-life pharmacies, meaning that they will refuse to stock and sell any form of birth control including condoms, the pill, Plan B contraceptives and the like. The pharmacists say that they are pitting their moral consciences against a patients' rights to legal and safe forms of contraceptives. Critics claim that women's health care is being threatened. The scary part is that the toll-free number is available in Canada as well, and the attempt to recruit willing pharmacists north of the border is just revving up. An ironic twist to this story, came from this article about a number of high school girls in a "pregnancy pact" in Gloucester Mass. Of course there is no link to inhibiting the sale of contraceptives to teen pregnancy rates!! So sad and so stupid!!!

3. Yesterday, the husband made his biannual visit to the dentist for his cleaning. The husband is meticulous about oral hygiene and never misses an appointment. He usually schedules medical appointments for the early morning so that they do not conflict with his work schedule, but on this day he found himself at the dentist in the later part of the afternoon, and as such with a different hygienist. She was very interested in learning about her new patient and proceeded to quiz him, all the while with her fingers jammed in his mouth. When she asked what he bottled, she thought he said "risky" instead of "whisky". She then told him that her job is also kind of risky and that is why she wears a mask and gloves. Maybe dentists and hygienists should learn that talking to patients in the middle of procedures is kind of stupid. Please stop!!

4. A woman in Los Angeles is suing Victoria's Secret for mega bucks. Why? Well, it seems that the thong that she had purchased, had a small metallic heart sewn onto it's front. Said heart was affixed with two very small metal staples. After several washings, (yes, this wasn't even a new thong!!!) the heart loosened and one of the small staples popped off while the woman was dressing and hit her in the eye, scratching her cornea. Woman now sees her opportunity to rape big business. Stop the Stupid!!!

5. Barack Obama's wife Michelle has been the target of a consolidated right-wing smear campaign. It seems that since they don't have Hillary Clinton to kick around, the right-wing bloggers and radio hosts have turned their collective venom on Mrs. Obama. (The last time I looked, Mrs. Obama wasn't running for anything!!) The role of first lady is not decided by the voters, and to suggest so is completely disingenuous. One of the more heinous attacks, (began by the lout Rush Limbaugh!!) has been this purported video tape that supposedly shows Mrs. Obama preaching in her church from the pulpit spouting hateful words like "whitey". The problem is that this situation never happened, Mrs. Obama has never preached in church and the tape doesn't exist. In order to combat the flurry of internet lies that have been circulating, the Obama campaign has started a new website called It is sort of Snopes sight for all things Obama. Sad and stupid that something like this is needed.

6. Anyone who lives in Hogtown, has followed the strange and sad case of little Angelica Leslie. She is the baby girl that was found dumped in a stairwell during the frigid month of January. If it wasn't for a quick-thinking good samaritan, the tiny girl would have probably frozen to death. After an intensive search for her family, including broadcasting her photos on every media outlet known to modern man, the local CAS began the process of allowing her to be adopted. Well, lo and behold, the police uncovered her truly unfit parents and the adoption proceedings have been put on hold until the case is resolved. None of that is stupid. What is stupid, is that after 6 months of seeing this girl's cherubic face plastered on every TV and in every newspaper in Toronto, we the public are no longer allowed to view her image due to shield laws protecting minors. Does anybody out there really forget what she looks like? Who are we really trying to protect? Doesn't there come a point when the process should be deemed STUPID!!!!

Shabbat Shalom to all who observe.

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