Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Musings From Self-Isolation-Day 8

Day 8

I see we have entered the Social Darwinism phase of the crisis.

Increasingly today, I am seeing Americans follow the lead of their Cheeto in Chief and intently discussing whether or not there is merit in letting approximately six million (a very conservative statistic using a two-percent fatality rate) die in the name of economic stability.

Hmm. Six Million. Why does that number ring a horrifying bell? Bueller, Bueller?

The Faux News crowd has been crowing for the last day or so that the economic crisis that is unfolding is even bigger than the public health catastrophe and needs immediate back to work action. The sociopathic schmuck leading the gong choir is on record today as saying that he wants things back up and running to normal by Easter.  Meanwhile, back here in Lucidity Land, the Prime Minister was asked today how long these extreme measures might last and he said...

"The duration of this crisis will be determined by the choices we make right now... STAY HOME. We are continuing in Canada to base our recommendations on science. We recognize the need for social distancing is going to be in place for many more weeks, and Canada will restore economic activity when it is safe to do so." 

I wonder why the Cantaloupe Clown is so very interested in getting things open again in the name of "economic stability". Could it be that six of seven of his most monetized resorts have been shuttered? Or maybe it's because his electoral chances slip further away from him with each passing day of his bungling of this crisis. When asked yesterday during his rally/briefing who he thought should have oversight to the more than half a trillion dollars in aid money currently being debated in the Senate, the Cheezie Cretin stated that he would oversee the disbursements. Deep sigh inserted here. Sure. Let's let the crooked fake-billionaire who has declared bankruptcy four times, handle $500,000,000,000 ALL BY HIMSELF. No red flags there.

Why is it that the demographic most likely to deny Darwinism as a science to be taught in schools, is so ready to embrace Social Darwinism and a culling of the herd? What's next? Will the national guard soon be coming to doors all over America in an attempt to dispose of the most vulnerable? Will they be rounded up and disposed of all in the name of the common economic good?

For the record, no assholes, I am not willing to sacrifice my parents or myself on the altar of your dwindling stock portfolios. Yes, I think that the economic crisis created by this health pandemic needs addressing in tandem with the medical needs, and am heartened that our Parliament is coming together today to pass an eighty-seven billion-dollar stimulus package. It won't be nearly enough but it is a start. I am not an economist but I do know that when a government has the health and well-being of its citizens as its first priority, the rest will follow in due course. Right now, smarter people than me are trying to figure it out. I hope for all of our sakes that they get it right.

In the meantime, we are under an emergency stay at home order here in Ontario with only essential services now allowed to operate. Why? Because this is what science and medical professionals have deemed appropriate.

A few random thoughts.

Day eight and we are over the mid-isolation hump. I have no doubt that my personal isolation will continue after the fourteen days given my high-risk status due to asthma but I will admit that the middle point is a psychological relief. A walk for a few minutes outside, socially distanced, of course,  will be cleansing.

My doctor sent a letter today to her patients. Among many other things in the email, she told of the many requests she has been getting for the anti-malaria drug chloroquine because the dipshit to the south is touting it as a cure-all. To her great credit, she is refusing any and all requests for prescriptions because there is ZERO scientific basis to prescribe the drug for Covid-19. In the meantime, her lupus patients, who depend on it for their very survival, will all be heaving great sighs of relief. Have I told you that I adore my doctor?

I shaved my legs today. I have no real reason for sharing this other than it allowed me an extra five minutes in the shower without feeling as though I was wasting water. Take the extra five when your mental health is low like mine is today.

I am amused by all of the handwashing videos as if you all weren't doing it before. Can I just say...Ew! Seriously, I hope that every single person will continue the skin-abusing handwashing after this is over. It is the best way possible to stay healthy.

People have asked me if they can share these posts. Share away. My Facebook page is shareable as are the posts directly from this link. My Facebook feed is usually private and open only for friends but I will make these posts shareable.

A few days ago, I asked for ways that you all thought things might change after the pandemic. A friend posted that childcare is hopefully now being viewed as an essential service for the entire workforce. Here in Toronto, the city will be opening childcare facilities by the end of the week strictly for medical professionals and first responders. It's a start.

Today's music break comes from the Dixie Chicks. This is their latest song, the first original music in 14 years with the entire album releasing in May. It seems appropriate today. 

Wash your hands. Don't touch your face. Be kind. Stay healthy. 

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