Saturday, 21 March 2020

Musings From Self-Isolation-Day 5 (The Real Day 5)

Day 5

You know what I am noticing about myself from all of these Zoom meetings, Facetime chats, and the odd self-post?

I suddenly realized how old and drawn I look.

This is not me fishing for compliments. I'm not looking for you all to tell me I don't. I do and there is simply no way around it.

The computer camera doesn't lie.

I look old and tired.

Some of it is definitely the hair thing. I am not a fan of my Rapunzel look and I know that a hair cut, while scheduled, is not in my future. The grey isn't bothering me nearly as much as the length. Pulling it back is certainly utilitarian and functional, but it is less than flattering. I am not yet at the self-shearing stage but this might be an option if this carries on without a finish line in sight. I'm thinking Yul Brynner-style might be an ideal look. Charlize Theron managed to pull it off in her Mad Max movie and I look just like Charlize Theron, except for the height, the blond-glow, the perfect skin, and the impeccable body.

Ok. Yul Brynner, it will be.

I'm also dispensing with any pretext of makeup while home, you know...that whole "don't touch your face thing" would mean an endless cycle of handwashing and then face washing and then handwashing again. So no makeup and bad lighting make for some pretty frightening looks on Skype.

Is eyebrow or chin-hair plucking allowed? Asking for a friend of a certain age.

I'm getting dressed for comfort and not for show so my friends and family are seeing a lot of sweatshirts and work-out clothing on these live tune-ins. Staying relaxed in my clothes is so much more important right now than pretending I am going anywhere. I understand the idea that teaches us to stay in our routines in order to maintain some semblance of sanity but honestly, if I had to wear anything other than comfort clothes right now, you'd be peeling both The Husband and me off of the walls.

I am absolutely subscribing to the lululemon mission statement. "Provide people with the components to live a longer, healthier and more fun life." The Husband's life is being made markedly longer and healthier by not complaining about my continual wardrobe of sweatpants.

So, yeah...I look like shit and here's the thing; my give a damn is busted.

A few random thoughts.

There are pleas from our works department here in Toronto to NOT flush sanitizing wipes down the toilet. They are clogging the pipes. I can't imagine any of my educated and wise friends are doing such a stupid thing but you might want to pass it on to the Cro-Magnon set.

We, vegetarians who are self-isolating, are having a bit of an issue filling our protein needs. I cannot seem to get anybody to deliver some tofu to us. If anybody is safely out and about in the downtown core and stumbles upon a couple of extra-firm tofu bricks, private message me, please. I will take them off of your hands. Additionally, some assholes who think that the nuclear holocaust is here, have hoarded all of the canned beans which we use as protein components. I would give up haircuts for a year for a few cans of chickpeas or black beans.

Today's music break is one of my favourite rocking country chicks. Jo Dee Messina singing it out.

Wash your hands, don't touch your face, be kind, stay healthy.

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