Thursday, 19 March 2020

Musings From Self-Isolation-Day 3

Day 3

I haven't slept well in over a week. I am certain that the anxiety caused by this entire situation compounded with the stress of travel has put me somewhat over the edge. While most of you had the opportunity to stock up on necessities over the last ten days or so, those of us returning after a significant time away, weren't necessarily in tune with what we had on hand in our homes. Again, I realize that this is a first-world and very privileged problem to have, but coming home to a paucity of Kleenex or cleaning supplies is unnerving for a great many, especially those who are not equipped to handle the internet all that well.

I have had to teach my parents about online grocery shopping and how the delivery service works. Self-quarantine is a new experience for all of us, but for seniors who are still trying to figure out the difference between "reply" versus the "reply all" button on their email, this experience is exponentially daunting. They are far from ignorant nor are they computer-illiterate, but rather they are fearful of making mistakes and wiping out their entire credit card limits. My dad, God bless him, keeps thinking that he can go downstairs to his lobby to retrieve his deliveries. I have had to calmly explain to him that he needs to instruct his security people to allow deliveries to come directly to his door. Understanding isn't the problem. Changing decades of learned behaviour is the problem. My parents are amazing and capable people who have suddenly been thrown into the deep end of the pool like toddlers learning to swim.

Some of us have the ability to adapt easily to changes in our circumstances and some have difficulties. While we are trying right now to practice kindness and understanding, patience might be something to add to the list. If you can't get your groceries immediately, deal with it with patience. If you see seniors and other vulnerable individuals struggling with everyday tasks, reach out and offer help and support. Adult grandchildren, call your grandparents a little more often than you might under normal situations. Offer to pick up some things that they might need or just let them hear your voices. Little things go a long way for this generation. They just need a bit of extra support and some TLC. Let's hashtag this #callyourbubby

A few random thoughts.

Exercise is helping me. I usually bitch and moan about my daily workouts but right now, they are unquestioned. Even a walk, if you can manage it, provides rejuvenation for the soul.

Taking a shower whenever I feel the walls are closing in, is also regenerating. Feeling clean in a world of unknown dirt and filth makes me whole for a little while.

I shlepped out my guitar today. I might regale you all in the near future, so fair warning if you want to duck and cover.

Kim's Convenience is my favourite comedy on TV at the moment. I have been a fan of this CBC gem for several years but the new season is a riot. Canadian television at its finest. American friends, you can find the first three seasons on Netflix. We here up north are on season four.

I am still impressed with the coordination happening between all of our very diverse, and diametrically opposed, levels of government. Unless you have experienced the shitshow to the south, I am begging all of my Canadian friends to shut the fuck up about your political preferences. If I can praise Doug Ford, and most of you know how much I loathe every member of his punk-assed family,  you can mute the Trudeau bullshit. They are doing the best they can and it is obvious that they are taking their direction from the experts. If I see any more shitposts about Canadian government officials, I will block you. WE SIMPLY DON'T KNOW ALL OF THE INTERCONNECTED PIECES THAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH. I know you're angry and scared. These men are doing their jobs right now under the most trying of situations, and that should be applauded.

Trump, on the other hand, is a twat. He is a menace, a danger, and is bound to increase the contagion due to his gross incompetence, negligence, and narcissism. His press conferences are circuses where he is desperately searching for praise and back-pats, even if he gives them to himself. Today, I watched the CDC doctors actually roll their eyes in disbelief. The best thing he could do, right now, is to resign or at least let the experts handle the crisis. He won't. He is a man in desperate need of mental health intervention. I am very worried about our friends to the south.

Here is today's music break to help you all wind down.

Wash your hands, don't touch your face, be kind, stay home.

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