Monday, 30 March 2020

Musings from Self-Isolation-Day 14

Day 14-but let's not kid ourselves, it will continue.

We both are healthy.

It is everything right now.

All of the bitching, moaning, joking, swearing, Zooming, complaining...none of it matters.

It is everything right now. 

We are healthy. My children are healthy. My parents are healthy. My family and friends are healthy.

It is everything right now.

We can't let up now. We can't give in to the temptation of warming spring weather or misplaced need for even more toilet paper. This week is critical. We here in Canada will either contain it now or we will pour gasoline on its burning embers. We need to mantra the shit out of...




After fourteen days of self-isolation, we are both healthy.

It is everything right now.

And I am grateful.

A few random thoughts.

I am tired. I haven't done all that much during this past fortnight but I am exhausted. It is full-body exhaustion, exhaustion of body and of spirit. The constant worry and lack of sleep are catching up to me. I know I am not alone in this. I feel like I have aged ten years in a month. I am tired. I know you all are too.

I finally finished a book. It wasn't a great book and it took me two weeks to finish it but it is an accomplishment just the same. Starting the next one now. Yay me.

Have any of you ordered take-out and delivery food, not groceries, but dinners during this time of uncertainty? I will admit that we have not. Yes, some of that is driven by an element of fear but most of our aversion is because we simply don't want it. I am torn between the need to support local restaurants that are really hurting right now and needing to heed the little voice in my head. I am curious about what the climate out there is like for take-out. I do miss my Chinese noodles.

Today's music break is from the stunningly brilliant John Prine. John is amongst my favourite singer/songwriters and he is critically ill right now with Covid-19. I have lost count as to how many times I have seen John live. His concerts are like invitations into his living room. His songs have been a huge part of my life's soundtrack. If you aren't listening to John today, you are doing today wrong. Let's play the fuck out his music today so that he feels the healing energy.

One more because it's for John

Wash your hands. Don't touch your face. Be kind. Stay healthy. Here are some photos of John from one of his Massey Hall shows.

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