Thursday, 26 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving American Style

I plan on spending my day marvelling at huge balloons floating through the Manhattan skies and I plan on watching a football game or two. This isn't my holiday, but gratitude is important and should be acknowledged.

  • The ability to live and love in the moment
  • The small graces bestowed upon me and my loved ones 
  • The completeness of the natural world
  • The warmth of a good laugh
  • The catharsis of a good cry 
  • The genius of creative thought
  • The wonder of presentation
  • The blessing of talent
  • The capacity to make choices
  • The acceptability of failure
  • The emotional release of a well-place F-bomb
  • The gift of imperfection
  • The potential of continuing education
  • For difficult discussions and easy decisions
  • For moral clarity
  • Understanding of differences and acceptance of similarities
For all of this and so much more, I am grateful.

A song for the day. My all-time favourite non-Hebrew song about gratitude. It's worth spending a few minutes listening to exquisite beauty. Happy Thanksgiving.

Music and Lyrics by: John Bucchino
Performed by: Art Garfunkel

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