Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Epilogue

 A quick epilogue from yesterday/today's tale of woe.
We were flat out lied to by the cabin crew on our original flight and by Westjet.
 When we landed in Stephenville, the captain and flight crew all reassured is that we were being put aboard what is known in the industry, as a rescue flight. An empty plane would be brought into Toronto in order to shuttle all of us wayward travellers. 
When we arrived back at Pearson, bedlam ensued. Everybody was put on different flights. The Husband and I were aboard the 7:30am and Twin Son and His Better Half were to follow twelve full hours later. People were being re-routed through exotic locales like Ottawa, Philly, and Halifax. We just lost it. That is what lack of sleep will do to seemingly decent people. We all became extras in an audition for The Walking Dead and the poor shnooks behind the Westjet service country appeared as though they had just been the breakfast course. Screaming a litany of obscenities doesn't even begin to tell the tale, and we weren't alone. There were a couple of young women sobbing knowing that they were about to miss a friend's wedding. My friends of the golden anniversary fame, were awaiting their fate in wheelchairs and the lineup went clear across the 5:00am. 
By sure luck (call it fate), our complaints worked and the four of us managed to secure the last seats on the first flight out this morning. We are here...exhausted...and the proud possessors of $150.00 worth of Westjet food vouchers, which......expire today.  Thanks so much for the overindulgence at Timmie's Westjet.
A letter to Westjet home planet is forthcoming. In the meantime we are ready to light St. John's ablaze, if we can drag our sorry asses out of the hotel and into a vertical position. Hopefully that was our glitch for the trip.

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