Sunday, 24 November 2013


I have a poet friend who has been tweeting about gratitude. She is revelling in the small stuff. While most of us ignorantly blow by these everyday occurrences, she is instead taking the time to pause and acknowledge all those details which makes her life special. I have been impressed by her buoyancy and even more by her immersion in the positive.

The world can be a pretty unforgiving place. We are continually bombarded by images that display the underbelly in our communities. Housewives getting mean with each other for the sake of entertainment. Politicians behaving badly. News stories from around the world so disturbing that they challenge and erode our very core beliefs. Natural acts so desperate that make us question our faith. And yet, amongst the darkness there is light. Amongst the decay there is new growth.

The Husband and I spent last evening with good friends. 5 couples who got together to share some wine, some good food, some laughter, and some great conversation. We chatted late into the evening about the current events of the day; our rogue mayor, the disaster in the Philippines, and more importantly about our everyday lives. It was sometime between the lasagna and the coffee that I realized just how fortunate I was to be in the company of such loving and caring people, and how each and every one of us has something happening in our lives right now for which we should be truly grateful. There is recovery from illness, a couple of upcoming weddings, a new grandchild on the way, and a new job that is the fulfilment of a life's dream. There was pride in our voices as we talked about children making their own way in the world. There was excitement expressed about upcoming trips down south and there was wonder communicated about the daily growth and escapades of a toddler. Our lives have indeed been blessed.

It won't always be so. There will be difficult times and even heartbreaking ones. But if we can hold onto the little things in our lives that remind us of life's purpose, it will make the journey so much more comfortable.

Yesterday my poet friend tweeted that she was grateful for inspiration. I jokingly asked her to send some my way so that I might be able to complete this month's blogapalooza.

She did just that with her heart, presence, and wisdom. So today I am grateful that I have such a creative and inspirational friend.

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