Thursday, 10 January 2013

To the Moon Alice

One of the things that I think I enjoy about the Aussies most is their totally laid back attitude. When they say "No Worries!", they really mean it. It isn't lackadaisical by any stretch, rather it is a comforting manner and understanding that life is going to happen anyway, so we may as well just lay back and enjoy the ride. Wouldn't we all be much happier and healthier if we just adhered to this philosophy? It is more than not just sweating the small stuff. It is a basic knowledge of how to put one foot in front of the other even when the shitstorms occur.

An example. As I have previously posted, it is so bloody hot here right now it defies adequate description. Yesterday and today, every major city on the continent registered temperatures over 40, with some areas seeing the mercury rise to over 50 degrees Celsius. We spent the day in Alice Springs, smacked dab in the middle of the Northern Territory. At it's hottest today, we were told it was over 45. Our luggage was baking in the bottom of the coach for about 6 hours straight. When we arrived at our hotel later this evening in Cairns, The Husband noticed a peculiar odour emanating from our suitcase. The sunscreen exploded!! The good news? Mom's brilliant packing system that kept the offending liquid contained in a Ziploc bag. The bad news? We need sunscreen. It is an imperative in these conditions. No worries!! Found a 24 hour convenience store where they basically needed to see our bank statements to purchase a bottle, but at least we have it for our visit to the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow.

We spent the day touring the lovely town of Alice Springs. Initially a stopover for travellers heading north to Darwin, it has become an important Eco-tourist location. The Desert Park is a national park that is serving to educate and protect the natural flora and fauna of the desert. A walk through several aviaries and nocturnal habitats allowed us to view many desert creatures playing happily at home. A couple of hours of shopping the galleries and shops in town, saw The Husband purchasing our piece of Aboriginal art in the form of a hand-painted didgeridoo. I'm thinking it will make the perfect complement for the cello, English horn, and piano for Kol Nidre this year. It will help support the basses. It really is a beautiful example of the local artwork.

Some random thoughts. A bit more about the heat. It has been so hot that the soles on The Husband's running shoes melted right off. He now has sponges instead of rubber on the bottom of his shoes.

Decent flights today. Anytime that there isn't somebody having a stroke has to be considered a good flight.

As we were checking out some of the local animals, we came across a certain species of gecko. A gentleman in front of me decided to enquire very loudly and in his most southern of drawls, "Isn't that the fellow that sells insuuurrance?" Oy!

Check out these amazing shots of The Husband's from the park today.



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  1. I love your descriptions of the heat. It makes me want to jump in a pool. Excited to read what you have to say about and see photos of the great barrier reef. I am really enjoying living vicariously through you.