Thursday, 3 January 2013

G'Day G'dEvening and G'dNight

We are here. We aren't exactly sure what day it is, what time zone we are are in, or how long we have been awake, but we are definitely here in the land of Oz. How do I know for certain? Well this lovely iconic structure kind of gives the whole thing away.

After 4 flights, 5 airports, more times changing my watch than I can count, wearing the same underwear for 34 straight hours, (ew!!) and the total absence of January 2nd from our consciousness, (Yep. That date just didn't happen for us this year. We will be celebrating an abbreviated 2013 of only 364 days) Sydney has opened her sun-drenched and summer-filled arms to these weary Canadians.

Determined to stay awake and hopefully go to bed at a logical hour, we checked into the hotel and immediately headed on foot down to the harbour. The place is packed with tourists and summer vacationers with kids out of school. There's a party going on down at Sydney Harbour. Vendors, restaurants, guided tours, and musicians all ready to take whatever we will all pay out. 40 bucks to buy a CD of an aborigine musician playing his didgeridoo. I think not. He want 30 just to pose with him and the boomerangs his kids painted. Everybody is an entrepreneur.

The opera house is a site to behold. One of those "I can't believe I'm actually here" moments. It is truly beautiful and an architectural marvel. We will be taking a full tour of the place in a day or two. As well, The Husband arranged for us to see a jazz concert there tomorrow evening. The idea of hearing live music there is so very cool. Sister/Cousin's Adventurer told us that we must spend some time at the Royal Botanical Gardens here in Sydney. It is an amazing place more reminiscent of Central Park in NYC, than a garden. We wandered around for several hours until the two of us were about ready to drop from exhaustion. We doubled back to a small cafe situated on the water and had what is looking more and more like a late lunch/ early dinner. We will most definitely be turning in early this evening so that we won't be genuinely ill for the remainder of our stay.

A few quick thoughts.

Air New Zealand is the best airline I have ever flown with, bar none. Lovely staff, attention to detail, and they really seemed to care about our business.

Princess ditched us at the airport and forgot our transfer. Had to fork out for a cab, but The Husband is already on the warpath. Something tells me that we won't be paying for that cab ride.

Lounges are the hidden secret of the airline industry. They really do make the whole experience much more civilized.

For those of you concerned about the issue, or for those of you who had Day One in the "When will Dawn lose her cookies" derby, I'm fine so far, but thanks for asking. A couple of rocky moments on the long leg to Auckland, but I weathered them and lived to tell the tale. The Husband asked me what I thought of the idea of whale watching from a rickety ferry in the harbour, but I just smiled exhaustedly and turned my attention towards the contortionist at the dock trying to stuff herself into a small lucite box. Oh the things kids will do for a buck these days.

I will try and blog as much as possible, but the hotel seems to require the promise of my first-born as the fee for Internet service. I think that ship has sailed, so I will do the best I can. Keep checking back for updates. Until then....G'Day Mates!!


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