Friday, 11 January 2013

A Few Odds and Ends

After a week of constant motion and frenetic pacing, (7 flights in 7 days-and that doesn't include the coach trips!) we finally have an off day. We are aboard the beautiful Diamond Princess and sailing towards Hobart in the state of Tasmania. The Husband decided to surprise me with my birthday present a few days late in that he upgraded us to a full suite. It is really beautiful with all kinds of extras and amenties that will make our sailing truly luxurious. The man has class and taste. Gotta give him props for that!

We were the last group to board ship yesterday. I must say that the tour was amazing, except for the fact that our group seemed to always be last to arrive everywhere. By the time we got to our stateroom, the place was readying for the muster drill. We sailed at 8:00pm and we still hadn't eaten or unpacked. A little more time to explore and get acclimated would have been nice, but c'est la vie. Since I don't have any real adventures to report today, I thought that I might just give a few random thoughts.

Australia is a magnificent country that runs the gamut of beautiful beaches to austere Outback to lush rainforests to vibrant cities. There is unique flora and fauna to explore and discover, and adventures to be had at every turn no matter what your interests may be. I may not be as daring as Sister/Cousin's Rogue Adventurer, but I gave it all my best shot, and I am happy that it did. There is still more ahead and I am game for it all.

The Aussies are quite amused by this whole debate America is having about guns. This is also a gun culture. They love their hunting and sport shooting. Lots and lots of weapons down here, but they think that the Americans are behaving badly in the wake of Sandy Hook. We have watched several news programs whereby Australian pundits have offered suggestions to the Americans on sensible gun laws. The world at large has little sympathy for the stupidity that is found in the archaic interpretations of the Second Amendment.

Never get between a North American and their turn at the buffet. Oh how some of these people can eat. We were given breakfasts as part of the tour, and every morning saw a different hotel buffet. The Husband would have his cereal and scrambled eggs, while I settled for tomato juice and fruit, but we were the exceptions. It was like feeding time at the zoo. Overindulgence of meats, omelettes, fruit, danishes, croissants, just went on for forever and day. At one point, one of the women in our group asked Jim our guide, how it was that the Aboriginal men stay so slim. We wanted to scream out together "They avoid the buffet tables!!"

Being somewhat out of touch does have its advantages. Thank you to all the people who sent me articles and Facebook posts about the hockey lockout's end, but here's the thing....Who gives a flying f***? For that matter, who cares one whit about Brian Burke's dismissal either? These bastards have taken an entire continent for a ride for the second time in 7 years; people who will earn more in six months than most of us will earn in an entire lifetime. I don't see any of them, owners or players, compensating the waiters, parking attendants, stadium cleaners, small business owners, or concession stand workers for their lost income incurred during the stopage. I'm a Torontonian through and through, but I am boycotting hockey for a while. These assholes don't deserve my loyalty. Bring on baseball season.

Still hoping to spot my first dolphin at sea. I love when that happens. It is how we are supposed to see dolphins, living in their natural homes.

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