Saturday, 18 August 2012

Phoenix Rises

A quick final post before we head home tomorrow. This has been a remarkable trip. Not just because of what we have seen and experienced, but because of how it all made us feel. There was a restlessness that was palpable with both of us. Maybe it was the routine of everyday life or maybe it was just busy schedules that haven't allowed us to slow down and take a break. Maybe life's stresses were weighing heavily upon us both. Whatever the reasons, this ten day field trip has allowed us to reconnect with each other, (over a thousand miles in a car together will have that effect) and to live without pressures, schedules, or clocks. And....the sites were pretty awesome too. It is without irony that we are ending here in Phoenix, although the rising from the ashes stuff does make a nice bookend for our trip.

We drove from Sedona this morning and headed straight for the Musical Instruments Museum. I know! It sounds incredibly geekish, but the place came highly recommended by several very diverse sources. It was astounding. We figured that we would be in and out in about 2 hours, but we lingered for closer to four. What a great place. Interactive, constantly in motion, and great fun. I kept thinking about my friend The Beatles Fan and how much he would enjoy it. In his honour I will post a couple of great shots that The Husband took for me.

And so tomorrow we head back east, but not before we show gratitude for being afforded this tremendous opportunity. Thanks to all who held the world together back home for us. When the time comes, we will do the same for you.

One last thing......if there is one constant theme that kept arising in our conversations these past ten days it is that just like Jonathan Larsen wrote in Rent, "There's no day like today." Life is far too short and fragile to put off for tomorrow what you really want to make happen now. This trip has been talked about for over five years. We finally got off of our asses and pushed to make it happen. There will always be reasons not to do something. Instead find the reasons to do it. Everybody needs a reboot now and then. In the immortal words of Nike (the shoe company, not the god) "Just Do it!"

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