Sunday, 12 August 2012

Just a Quaint 5 Hour Sunday Drive

We knew starting out that today was going to be a driving day, but we planned and hoped to make it as picturesque as possible. The key to making a drive picturesque? Get the hell off of the interstates!! Honestly. Nothing has destroyed the natural beauty of this magnificent country more than an exit ramp flowing with Mickey Ds and 7-11s. The Husband donning his trip-planning hat, created a route that took us out of Colorado Springs and onto the Scenic Byway. The resulting surroundings literally took my breath away. I was dangling out of the Focus' passenger window attempting to grab snapshots with my iPhone. If it weren't for the snow and cold in the winter, I could honestly imagine living in Colorado. It is gorgeous, environmentally friendly, and healthy.

The only problem with the scenic route is a lack of hospitable waterclosets, and being that my anatomy is of the XX variety it made for a fairly interesting hour and half of praying to every deity known to humankind for the swift emergence of a clean gas station.

Take note of the wild sunflowers in the bottom left hand corner. They seem to grow wild everywhere around here.

Our destination for today was Taos, but rather than do an "as the crow flies" direct route, we decided to take what is know to the locals as the Enchanted Circle, which is an 85 mile circuit through the ski country of northern New Mexico. The small towns and hunting lodges are packed with tourists willing to kill a moose or two, or snag some poor unsuspecting fish from a stream. After stopping in the Red River Valley for lunch, we headed back up and down the mountains toward Taos. The drive was hairpin and heartstopping. The Husband kept asking if I needed a was that steep and that curvy. (Twin Son and His Better Half-if you are reading this, the cottage road is a breeze in comparison.) We were followed into Taos on this wild ride by a pack of bikers out for a joyride. Bikers seem to be everywhere on this trip. We aren't certain if it is the area or the season, but they are having a blast by the hundreds.

We finally made our way into Taos and the rain decided to begin in earnest. We were determined to spend as much time in this lovely artist colony as possible, so to hell with my hair! This is an unbelievable place. Artists setting up shop wherever they can find real estate. Native American weavers, jewelry makers, painters, and schlock artists all have found a haven here in Taos. And.....what do you think we found right in the middle of town? Chabad! Complete with native sign and pueblo dwelling. Ya just can't keep a good Jew down! Here is a better example of the beauty of Taos. I am not a windchime enthusiast, but these are especially beautiful.

The good news? Having a wonderful time and we haven't fought about line ups or traffic at all. The bad news? My hair sucks and I won't let The Husband take my picture. I'm trying to get over it.

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  1. Barry wants to know if he can now drive faster on the cottage road when you are a passenger?!!