Tuesday, 14 August 2012


The Husband has taken to spending copious amounts of his time poking fun at me because of my great desire to see Georgia O' Keeffe country. And while it is true that this lifelong dream was part of the impetus for this trip, it wasn't the only reason that I wished to travel to this part of the United States. That said, today was the day that I finally got to spend with Georgia and her genius.

I suppose that one of the reasons that I so admire the lady and her work is because she was a true original who refused to ever be pigeonholed or typecast. She reviled critics and others who saw hidden meanings in her paintings, and just when they thought that they had her pegged she reversed course. Flowers became rivers, rivers became mesas, mesas became mountains. And through it all, it was her intense love for nature and its beauty that brought her to finally settle permanently here in Northern New Mexico where she is a revered icon.

Georgia was a feminist before feminism was in vogue. She lived life her way and never questioned whether or not it was true or proper. And on top of all of that, she was one of the true art treasures of the 20th century. Being here in Santa Fe, it has become so clear to me; the beauty she saw in the place and why painting these landscapes was so vital to her work. So, if traveling here allowed me to spend time with this magnificent artist, then I will happily accept the good-natured ribbing from The Husband.

A few more highlights of the day. Santa Fe is a remarkable city. Adobe architecture is the norm and makes for a visual feast. Even the local Best Buy is housed in an adobe building.

The plaza in the heart of the city is a historical landmark that dates back to the Spanish and Mexican occupations. It is the bustling heart of this town, where native vendors come to sell their artwork and jewelry.

A few hours were well spent at the International Folk Art Museum. Peasant art from around the world is displayed in a stunningly beautiful architectural marvel that is nestled at the foot of the surrounding mountains.

Hannah, our surly Aussie GPS, is getting quite obnoxious. Today she took us off-road just for the hell of it. If you have never navigated dirt trails in a Ford Focus, you just haven't lived.

More from the "Are you f*#%ing with me or did you really name your kid that?" file....Canyon! Not Kenyon, Canyon!! Kind of fits with Blackjack, yes? And then there was baby Silas. Yes, I realize the biblical roots, but it still strikes me as odd.

Tomorrow from Sedona......

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  1. Ha, when I saw "Georgia", I thought Hannah, your GPS unit must REALLY be screwing with you, since Georgia is no where near New Mexico! Enjoying reading your blogs, Dawn. What a great trip!