Friday, 10 August 2012

Gan Elohim

A friend posted the following on Facebook today. "Wondering what is the Divine spark that makes us all human." I must admit that while I have spent countless hours pondering similar questions, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes God's mysteries are best left to the universe. Every so often though, one comes across a natural wonder that just defies description and truly needs to be seen to be believed. Today we saw just such a formation in Colorado Springs known as Garden of the Gods. I have chosen to call it by its Hebrew name Gan Elohim, as only one Divine Spirit could have possibly have had a hand in this creation. Springing up at the base of Pike's Peak is a protected nature reserve filled with hiking trails, beautiful mountain vistas, and the coolest red rock formations we have ever beheld. As we hiked and meandered our way through the park, we were continually blown away by acre upon acre of natural and truly picturesque magnificence. This place must have been touched by the finger of God, hence my justification in using the Hebrew.

Following more than three hours hiking, we stopped in Historic Old Colorado City for some lunch. Tapas Colorado style! Nice. We wandered through Old Town and checked out many of the galleries and shops. This is a town that is still recovering from the devastating wildfires of several weeks back, so they are very welcoming of tourists to the area.
A few odds and ends. Heard a father calling after his son named...wait for it...Blackjack! At first we thought he was calling for a dog, but when we saw the tow-headed youngster come running, we knew. Wonder if his other son is named Craps!
We have become dependent on our GPS whom The Husband has monikered Hannah. Why? Well, it seems that our Ford Focus is carrying Montana plates. Get it?? Hannah Montana! Nobody has ever accused The Husband of being urbane. Hannah is a bitchy lass complete with Aussie accent who continually badgers us when we veer off her chosen course. We have already sent a slew of cuss words in her direction, but we both know that she is worth the $50 spent on her. Cheap-assed %#*+
We passed by The Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame. Who knew? One can actually attain immortality by getting themselves heaved off of the rear end of a bucking steer. What a country.
Tomorrow we head to the summit of Pike's Peak. Apparently there is 50% less oxygen up there. A great place for an asthmatic or a Republican. Less to suck up! Tomorrow from a mountaintop.

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