Monday, 13 August 2012

Do We Know the Way to Santa Fe?

The Husband and I were chatting in the car today and wondering how it could be possible for the vistas to get more stunning than those we have already seen. We grossly underestimated the possibilities. The Holy One was having a particularly good day when creating the Southwest of North America.

We started out early so that we might beat the crowds and the heat to the Taos Pueblo. The Indigenous people of this region have been inhabiting this land for centuries and continue to do so up until this very day. The adobe bricked homes function much as they did back in the day, with no electricity, running water, or modern conveniences. The adobe bricked ovens are still used for cooking. Of course we had to sample some fresh bread. What's a vacation without carbo-loading. I was especially impressed how the tribe continues to thrive with several programs designed to keep the younger generation involved. Our tour guide was a young college student who is employed by the tribe so that she can help make her tuition for the coming semester. Synagogues take note!

Once again we were determined to take in as much of the glorious landscapes as possible. We meandered through the back roads out of Taos strangely titled "The High Road to Taos." Odd because we were actually leaving Taos....but whatever. The once again terribly unnerving mountain roads took us through many villages and artisan colonies, very few of whom looked ready to receive tourists, so we carried on.

We finally hit desert views on the roads to Santa Fe. Breathtaking!!

Santa Fe is another beautiful city. We checked in and went straight to Canyon Road. Several blocks of the most interesting and eclectic grouping of galleries I have seen in any city in a very long time. We lunched in the courtyard of one and browsed away the afternoon in dozens more.

A few quick notes.....

To our friend The Social Butterfly: Trip Advisor is phenomenal! And it is even better when traveling with an iPad. Anybody considering a tablet purchase must seriously consider Apple's little wonder.

We had the best Mexican food last night in Taos. My tastebuds are still singing. And where did we find it? Trip Advisor.

The Husband has been so uncharacteristically diligent about bringing his glasses along. As many of you know, his habit is to leave home without them and then borrow others, but during this trip he has been on top of his game. Until today, when he noticed that he must have unwittingly popped a lens in the hotel in Taos. A trip to Walmart gave him three pairs for 8 bucks. Not beautiful, but at least he isn't seeing 8s instead of 4s on the bills anymore and I don't have to continually recite the menu items to him.

Yes it is hot! 97F today in Santa Fe. And that bullshit about it being a dry is hot!

Finally, traveling is always a little bit sweeter when receiving great news from home. Younger Son is now a fully employed citizen complete with all the rights and taxes that this designation carries. It was great to hear the excitement in his voice. We are so proud and sending much love.

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