Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Few Words and Phrases I have Come to Hate

An old friend used to post a list of words that she hates. The words were mostly onomatopoetic in nature and she did it for laughs, which she received in spades. She has updated it sporadically over the years and it never fails to elicit tremendous guffaws around here from both The Husband and me. Lately I have come to realize that there are a myriad of words and expressions that I too have come to detest. They may not have the lyrical cache of my friend's list, but they are a constant raspberry seed in my molar.

  1. Job Creators. This is a bullshit creation by bullshit creators-politicians.
  2. Taxpayers. It seems to me that we are all citizens who share in the common good, regardless of the amount of taxes we pay, and we deserve the same protection and consideration by our elected officials. Stop reducing me to the lowest common denominator. 
  3. Talking Points. How about trying honesty for a change.
  4. Talking Heads. As opposed to those heads that don't talk? 
  5. Political Strategists. If ever there was an oxymoronic expression, this one is it!
  6. Stump Speech. Did you know that candidates actually used to cut down a tree and stand on a stump to deliver these oratorical nightmares? Today, the reporters who cover these bland regurgitations positively drool if the politicos change even a comma.
  7. Transit Plan. Torontonians know just what I am talking about. Just build the f*#@ing thing already and stop with the plans and studies.
  8. Left Wing Socialist/Right Wing Fascist. Can't we disagree on policy without all of the ridiculous labels. Consensus is hard enough to achieve without dealing with the name calling.
  9. Autotune. This technology should be banned outright. 
  10. Arm Problems. My beloved Blue Jays currently have 7 (yes, lucky number 7) pitchers on the DL with major arm problems. One has to wonder if they have a contract to build Dr. Andrews' summer home.
This is a preliminary list. Feel free to add your own.

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