Friday, 6 January 2012

Some More Highlights

Sorry I haven't published for a few days, but the seas have been a bit rocky and regular readers of this space know that I don't do well with motion. I haven't let it dampen my spirits, though and as we near the final days of this familial voyage, I thought it best to update the goings on of this wild and wacky clan.

Since last we met in Nassau, the ship has docked in two additional ports, La Romana Dominican Republic and San Juan Puerto Rico. While many of us checked out a small artisan village called Altos de Chacons in the D.R, The Lil Bro and his family and Sister/Cousin and her's went cave dwelling. There are some beautiful caverns in the area and the two families went to see what all the fuss was about. Truth be told, all my dad wanted to do in the Dominican was find the homes of Blue Jay greats George "kiss my purple butt" Bell and his all-time favourite Tony Fernandez. When told that they live on the other side of the country in San Pedro de Macoris, the look of disappointment on his face was so sad I almost wanted to call them myself to get them to meet the ship! Brother/Cousin took his family to the beach to see if he could actually find the gills on our youngest family member. 

This family is killer at trivia. So far we have won 4-count them 4-gold-painted ships on sticks and a gold medal. Pictures of the winning teams to follow. Yesterday following sail-a-way from San Juan, we added three more trophies to our collection. We definitely watch way too much TV, movies, Broadway musicals, and listen to our iPods all to often. I think that the poor blond crew in charge of the program is slightly tired of our Canadian faces and accents. We have entered the big on board contest. Keep you posted. 

We have also been extremely lucky. Sister/Cousin won a hundred dollar gift certificate in the spa which the Ying to my Lil Bro's yang is using today on a pedicure. Older Son attended an open bar reception last evening ( no surprise there!) and won a bottle of champagne and a free dinner at the exclusive fancy steakhouse. When asked what he did for a living and replying  in turn that he worked for a craft distiller, apparently the "not friends of Bill W." erupted in cheers.

San Juan was beautiful. The old city with it's blue cobblestones and fortress walls is a sight. Several of our group went to Barrachino's, home of the PiƱa Colada and indulged. Sister/Cousin and her adventurers went zip lining. I think that I heard her screams on Calle Fortaleza. Seriously, they had a ball. 

Today is my beach day in Grand Turk with The Husband, Younger Son, his Young Lady and Other Mother and Father, while many are snorkeling the coral reefs. So far we haven't killed each other and while I have lost weight on this cruise due to the rough seas, nobody is complaining. Speak from sea tomorrow.

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