Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Highlights Day 1

Trying to get 23 people to share their first day highlights is a bit like herding cats. Attempting to get the 23 members of my family to share their first day highlights is a bit like herding noisy, clumsy, drooling wild boar! In the interest of sanity and since I can only share what I gathered through the morass and haze of secondhand storytelling, I will try to hit the highlights.

Younger Son, HisYoung Lady and I had an up close and personal encounter with my now favorite dolphin of all time, Clifton. I think Clifton and I could make a wonderfully cute couple, but I would either have to enjoy life in the cold waters of the oceans off the coast of Nassau, or else he would have to be content living in my bathtub. Then of course there is the issue of what we would do with The Husband, but something tells me that Clifton is man enough to take him on! In all seriousness it was a magic moment that will live within me forever. Because of limited interweb access onboard ship, the photos of me with my new honey will have to wait a week. 
Sister/Cousin and her brood went parasailing and her Photographer has the pictures to prove it! Spectacular!! He is available for Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. Book now! I have come to wonder about the Judaic credentials of that family. Every last one of them cries out for action and adventure that is very un-Jewish. We are a nomadic people, not a rock-climbing, bungee-jumping tribe! We hire people to do that stuff for us. That said, hearing the stories of her squealing in terror while perched on a board with her 16 year old son, had me gripped with laughter. I can't wait to hear if she passes out on the zip line in San Juan!
My Dad, Older Son, Brother Cousin, my nephew and I absolutely kicked ass at the sports trivia contest after we set sail from Nassau. Our all Canuck team blew away the Yankee competition at their own sports history with nary a single hockey question. We knew we had it in the bag when we correctly answered the question "What is the most common nickname amongst U.S college sports teams?" I will leave you to ponder that one. Answer will be provided at the end of the next post. Our prize? A gold ship on a stick which we plan to parade around like the Stanley Cup and each keep on our mantle for an equal period of time. Once again, photos to follow!!
Thank you to my friend the Choir Director who took it upon herself to fete us last evening with wine and totally blew the boxers off of my parents with special anniversary cakes. The waiters came over and sang-at least they claimed it was singing-and my mother turned all shades of red. My father drank up the attention as his nature, and the kids devoured the cakes. You are the queen, my friend!
Today we are trying to keep our ballast at sea, me more than most. So far so good. Calm seas and beautiful weather at present and ahead. Keep you all posted.

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