Saturday, 7 January 2012

Coming to An End

It must be said that cruises are much more fun when the ship isn't pitching around from side to side like a treadmill on steroids. All of us felt much more comfortable yesterday and were finally able to enjoy our meals and evening nightlife without the threat of another sleepless night on the good ship nausea. 

The day in Grand Turk was spectacular. I love this island! All I did was lie on the stunning beach, swim in the ocean and marvel at the coral reef. As I said on Facebook, Grand Turk is the definition of wasting away in Margaritaville! I was still experiencing the not so gentle sway of the ship, so partaking in any activity more taxing was definitely out of the question, but several of our group took to the blue waters off the coast to snorkel and play with the stingrays. Highlights? I loved listening to the youngest of our group describe in vivid detail holding, touching, and swimming with the rays. You haven't lived until you have experienced new things through the wondrous eyes of a nine year old. I loved the fact that Oldest Son went snorkeling with his grandparents. My seventy-something parents swimming and seeking out the coral reef with their 24 year old grandson. Seriously, how cool is that? The Ying to my Lil Bro's Yang collected on Sister/Cousin's win at the spa yesterday and had a full pedicure treatment. It was her idea of absolute luxury. 

Following dinner the family met in one of the bars for another round of trivia, but with a twist. The category of Motown turned the entire area into a dance hall. Watching a bunch of Jews bop to the sounds of the Motor City was a hoot. Brother/Cousin's Beshert is a demon at these music categories and she and Brother/Cousin tore up the floor. My dad found a willing dance partner. A woman came over and asked my mom if she could dance with dad. Being the good sport that he is, he boogied her around the floor to the sounds of the  4 Tops and The Temptations. Pictures to follow as this is something that could only happen to  my father. 

Today we are at sea and tomorrow back on solid ground for good. Older Son and Nephew A will be collecting on the free gourmet dinner in the steakhouse   this evening, and we will all be attempting a group photo. God give me strength for that little adventure. Next stop-The Southern Home and the task of uploading my photos. What a fitting way to help celebrate 50 years of marriage-with family!!

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