Monday, 31 October 2011

Have You Missed Me?

Well.....have you? Probably not, but that's ok because I've missed this forum and the creative outlet it allows. Now that the holidays are behind us for another year, (Praised to the Holy One!!) I have decided to take on a challenge for myself. November is traditionally National Blog Post Month or as it is known in the community (aren't I just so tres hip?) NaBloPoMo. I know what you all are thinking. Who was the genius who came up with that witty acronym?  In spite of its rather unimaginative title, the idea is terrific. The challenge is to write a new and fresh post for every single day of the month of November, including weekends. It is a bit like a marathon; rather exciting at the outset, hitting the wall somewhere in the middle, and a burst of creative energy towards the end-or so I've been told. I will discover all of the highs and lows beginning tomorrow, so please faithful and faithless readers keep an eye on this space and I will attempt to be at my witty, sarcastic, arrogant, opinionated best for the next thirty days. Either that, or I will fill the posts with updated pictures of my growing fingernails.  See you in November-that's tomorrow for all of you calendar-challenged.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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  1. I've done NaPoWriMo (poetry) several times and I can attest that it does seem easy at first, then gets really hard in the middle, when you think you haven't an original thought left to think, then all of a sudden you rifle off a half dozen and voila!, you're into December. My worst stuff comes in week three. But here we get to post pics and vids so maybe we can avoid the lull.

    Good luck! See you on the other side.