Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Random Thoughts from Stratford

I am writing this while sitting on the sofa in our beautifully appointed suite at the Arden Park Hotel in beautiful downtown Stratford. Yup! The Husband sprang for the upgrade. Fireplace, full kitchenette, 2 (count em!!) 2 flat screens and a king-sized bed that will probably swallow me up whole and I won't care one whit because I will die in ease and comfort! Too bad we are only here for the night. I could learn to love it here.

The Husband and I attempt to sojourn out this way at least once a summer to catch the very best of the annual festival. This year due to time constraints we have been limited to a single performance, but we will make up for that disappointment with a stop at the St. Jacob's market on the return trip. In the meantime, here are some random thoughts from our day.

1. The average age in Stratford rises precipitously on a Wednesday. It must have something to do with the myriad of matinee performances and buses shipping in the seniors from all over the Great Lakes Region, but The Husband and I found ourselves amongst the youngest in town today. The blue-haired set was surely on display along with a variety of walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, hear aides and visual aid devices. Nothing like a matinee in Stratford to make one feel young again!

2. Stratford must be the last bastion for the independent book store.

This was one of several that are still open and doing a fairly brisk business. I truly believe in about 50 years, my great-grandchildren are going to ask "What was a bookstore?" Hopefully somebody can answer them by pointing the way to Stratford.

3. This town is internationally known as home to one of the greatest theatre festivals, except this seems to have usurped that distinction as the number one industry.

Oy! A whole f@&*ing store dedicated to that twerp just because he was born here.

4.Overheard conversation between husband and wife exiting The Scottish Store.

Husband: "I am going into that store across the street!.

Wife: "Ok-Just don't buy a whole lot of junk that we don't need!"

Me: (Laughing hysterically) "I think that just defined every single marriage in history!!

5. Coming out of the men's room, The Husband runs into Rabbi E from the GTA. This isn't the first time that we have run into the Rabbi and his wife at the theatre, usually musicals. What was extraordinarily ironic is that we were all there to see Jesus Christ Superstar. He was there as part of a larger group from his synagogue. He and I joked that we were going to sing along and how it was kind of creepy that both of us could actually do just that. Jews of Toronto united in their passion for the Passion.

6. It has been brutally hot all summer except that today it feels like fall! What is up with that?? Honestly if I hadn't seen green leaves still on the trees down by the river, I would have sworn it was October!

7. I had the best veggie burger ever for lunch, but it totally screwed up dinner. We decided to buy some hummous, veggies, and chocolate for dinner and eat in the room. Too bad. I was really looking forward to Indian tonight, but if I eat anything right now I just might explode.

8. Finally, the show was outstanding. The cast first rate, the choreography, musicianship, vocal quality, and direction superb. I still think that it is kind of creepy that a majority of people in the world worship this truly scary and gruesome story, but clearly I am a heathen. There were people crying at the end and it was because they were religiously moved. Me? I was enthralled with Mary Magdalene and the excitement I felt recalling her luminous performance as Maria in West Side Story 2 seasons ago. Once again she shone!! This girl is a star! I told you I was a heathen. The audience is crying for Jesus and I am in awe of the hooker! Just another day in Stratford.

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