Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Random Musings from the Town that Bugsy Built!

Here are some truly mixed up and totally random thoughts from my oh so elegant suite at the Palazzo Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. (All thanks for that bit of decadence goes directly to The Husband.)

• One's concept of money and it's value is truly skewed here. It is not uncommon to spend $7.00 on a small scoop of gelato, complain vociferously about being ripped off, and then head off to the casino where one will drop a minimum $10.00 a hand. I needed to purchase a disposable razor yesterday and that purchase, together with a Diet Coke cost me $17.00!! Outrageous I know, and if I had been more coherent and not been simply signing my name, I would have made a beeline for Walgreen's. Obviously that wasn't the case and when The Husband discovered my error, he became slightly unhinged, but when he then dropped over $100 bucks in less than twenty minutes, his anger quickly subsided.

• The Blue Jays better hope that there are some great prospects in the lower minor leagues, because what I saw on display last night for their triple A affiliate here was sad. The 51s tried gamely against Nashville, buy when your journeyman starting pitcher gives up an 8 spot in the fifth, you know that there are problems. In some fairness, the Jays have sort of raided the team this season and most of their best and brightest are already on the major league roster, but when shortstop Mike McCoy is the best player on the field--OY!! We had a chance to talk to pitching coach Dave LaRoche before the game and asked him who on his staff might be due a September call-up. His answer? A roll of the eyes and a terse "not with the way these guys are throwing!!" That said, I had a blast at the game, and I felt like I was an extra in a sequel to Bull Durham. There is an entire post in attending a minor league game.

• While I am on the subject, what is up with the Jays having their farm club a 4 hour plane ride away? How can the average fan identify with players that they never see and boxscores coming from a timezone three hours away? Not only that, the players are still wearing uniforms from their former Dodger affiliation days. Come on, Rogers! Pony up some cash for these guys and make them feel like Toronto is their home!

• 107 degree heat is hot-humidity or no humidity. This idea of dry heat--Bullshit!! Hot is hot!

• There was a rumour going around the hotel yesterday of a Paris Hilton sighting. My reaction? Who gives a flying f@&$? I was more excited to see the unknown bastards toiling for the Baby Jays.

• I have come to the conclusion that the fashion mantra for women here is "skank". I have never seen so many women, young, middle-aged, and not so young, prostitute themselves in clothing so unbecoming that it is comical. Short skirts that purposely reveal pubic regions, low cut tops with so much silicone hanging out we could build our own line of cooking utensils, and clothing cinched so tightly that these poor souls are left gasping for oxygen. Don't even get me started on the CFM heels!! Their balance is so off that I worry about being smothered under the weight of some surgically altered femme fatale when she inevitably lurches forward onto me. There I'll be-swimming against the tide of a pair of double EEs, struggling to regain my composure. Females of the world unite. Dress for success and comfort instead of man-baiting and one-night hook-ups! Where is the pride, ladies? Haven't we progressed further than this?

More to come. I apologize for any typos. I am working off of my iPhone so mistakes are inevitable.

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