Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Golden Moment

It was extraordinarily difficult for me to fathom the idea that The Husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary this past June. I realize that when all couples stand up on their wedding days, there is an expectation that it is forever. But reality is what it is, and most of us simply count ourselves lucky to be in the statistical minority of long-lasting unions with one person. Such is the case with my Other Mother and Father. While I found 25 years a ridiculous premise, today they celebrate 50. 50!!!!! 50 years with the same person. 50 years of sharing bathrooms and closets. (Although they discovered long ago that one of the great secrets to their longevity was to share neither!) 50 years of hairstyles and fashion changes-her not him! 50 years of messes, (not if she could help it!) meals, (not if she could help it!) dark chocolate marshmallow, (not if she could help it!) and rye and vodka. (Oh why bother-you know!!)

I am in awe of 50 years. It requires stamina, patience, understanding, yelling, tolerance, mutual understanding, and of course-the big L! (Like! Love is easy, liking is tough.) I have absolutely no idea what, if any these two truly special people have in mind for gifts for one another. The party that is on tap for this evening should prove a wonderful celebration, but as my Other Dad always says to me-presents matter, and please no clothes! So, I offer a small token to them both of gifts that they might have given to each other over this past half of a century. These are items that have been invented since they stood under the chupah. One for each year.

1960-the halogen lamp
1961-valium (thank God!!) and non-dairy creamer for the lactose intolerant
1962-silicone breast implants (like this family needs help)
1963-video disk
1964-permanent press clothing (ok-a bit of clothing)
1965-kevlar (for the gun enthusiast!)
1966-electronic fuel injection cars
1967-handheld calculators
1968-computer mouse
1969-ATM (which apparently the Other Dad still shuns!)

1970-floppy disks
1972-Pong-the first video game
1973-disposable lighter
1974-post-it notes (for the list makers in all of us)
1975-push through drink tab (Diet Coke drinkers rejoice!!)
1976-ink jet printer (is your's compatible to your computer?)
1977-MRI machines (Thank God!!)
1978-Artificial heart
1979-cell phones!! (Don't leave home without it!)

1980-Hepatitis B vaccine (comes in handy for those who travel!)
1981-IBM-PC computer
1982-Human Growth Hormone (for those of us who are vertically challenged!)
1983-Cabbage Patch doll
1984-Apple Mac (we are a Mac family after all!)
1985-Windows for Microsoft (who cares!)
1986-disposable camera
1987-disposable contact lenses
1988-Prozac (Thank God!!)
1989-Hi-Def television

1990-The Web
1991-digital answering machine
1992-the smart pill
1993-pentium processor
1994-HIV Protease inhibitor (I know-not a great gift, but it was a slow year!)
1996-Web TV
1997-gas-powered fuel cell
1998-Viagara (Need I say more??)
1999-Techno Bubbles (??) -click the link-it is kind of cool.

2000-The Segway
2001-Self-cleaning windows (I want those!!)
2002-Braille glove
2003-Hybrid cars
2004-running shoes with built in microprocessor
2006-The Hug Shirt
2007-iPhone (too bad it isn't yet available in Canada!)
2009-retinal implants
2010-the year isn't yet over so you still have time.

I wish you both only happiness, health, travel and joy for the next 50, because I expect you to give us the same treatment on our 50th. Love to you both.

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  1. what can we say - once again you fill our heats with joy and love
    Thanks for all your loving thoughts and kindness over the years
    We await your 50th.
    other M and D