Monday, 30 November 2009

What to Cook on the Night Before?

What does one cook on the night before entering into self-decreed vegetarianism? Is it incumbent upon me to empty out the refrigerator and the freezer of all things animal? Do I toss the last bits of turkey chili into the trash and do I scrub out the last remnants of chicken curry from a weekend meal? Or do I instead, have a smorgasbord meal. A last blowout of carnivorous indulgence that will probably result in what my dear friend labels "the meat sweats"! It is kind of like getting stinking drunk the night before adopting a dry lifestyle. Does that totally contradict what I am attempting to accomplish, or does it serve to remind me of what I am planning to forgo? It is a difficult choice, considering the fact that I still haven't heard definitively from The Husband if he intends to join me in this new dietary habit. If he cannot enter into the pact free from reservation or qualification, then that leftover turkey chili will come in mighty handy as a meal for him when I am busy experimenting with new dishes that centre around tofu, quinoa and black beans. On the other hand, do I want to become a short-order cook and have to prepare separate meals for each of us?

I think that this vacillating is demonstrative of the questions that I am having about this entire project, and I do believe that this is healthy. If this new chapter in my life has any hope of taking a permanent foothold, I have to be able to reconcile all of the various issues that are certain to crop up. I will need to be able to answer for myself why I choose to do this, and if I cannot be satisfied with the answers, why I will choose to abandon it come January 1. While fascinating on a personal discovery level, it doesn't bring me any closer to the question of what to make for dinner on this the night before. To meat or not to meat? That is the question!

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