Thursday, 9 July 2009

Some More Travel Thoughts

Once again I find myself in the Toronto airport playing the inevitable waiting game that all travelers are forced to entertain. The fact that I am engaging in this writing exercise at all at this particular moment, should alone attest to the lack of time wasting entertainment available at Pearson International! A few short hits while I try to alleviate the boredom.

1. It is extraordinarily Canadian that an airport should have a terminal 1 and a terminal 3, but not a terminal 2. The odd thing is that none of us locals question the omission. When the airport was being redone, the overcrowded and miserable terminal 2 became a happy casualty of the wrecking ball. Instead of worrying about re-labelling all of the signs, the powers that be chose to pretend that 3 was the logical progression after 1. I assume that someday we will again have a terminal 2, although this being Canada anything is possible.

2. The airline industry seems to love any passenger traveling without the albatross of checked bags. The Husband and I have made a concerted effort to try and travel only with carry on bags for short trips or Florida. The rewards are substantial. No irritating lines to check or retrieve luggage, an easier walk through customs and security, and a realization that we all have way too much stuff! Of course it also means recycling outfits, washing underwear, and (horror or horrors!) no shopping! One cannot shop if it is impossible to shlep home. I have often wondered how people manage this lifestyle for trips longer than a week or two. That odd smell coming from the seat in front of you is probably some shnook who forgot to change his drawers!

3. Hey Torontonians! Did you know that your airport had a monorail? Ask me about it!

So, this little post has managed to block my ADD for a few minutes. This is the first time that I have tried to post from a mobile device, so please forgive spelling and grammatical errors that are probably abundant. I will try to write next from the city so nice they named it twice. I have a special synergy with Broadway and I am truly psyched.

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  1. Dawn, there will not be another T2. Just an expanded T1 and T3. Monorail is cool, but a drag finding your car after snow or dragging luggage to the car in the rain. As for boredom, you need to take up the time honored hobby of plane spotting. Can you find the 77-300ER, did you see the new Emarites A380? Which runways are active, etc, etc. All part of the fun for us plane fanatics.