Sunday, 5 July 2009

As if F#*%ing Squirrels Weren't Enough!

The wildlife situation in our backyard is very rapidly careening out of control. It isn't like we live on a ravine or anything. We reside in an extraordinarily residential area that masquerades as a tree line. I have continually and colourfully detailed my ongoing battle with the f#*%ing squirrels and their families, and the mess they make of my property. Well today, we discovered that an adolescent raccoon has made a home for himself in a neighbour's tree that overlooks our roof. He seems to have set up his bachelor pad (thank God there doesn't appear to be a mate or little ones!) in a small hollow at the top of the branches, and from all appearances has settled in for the season. The Husband spied the masked bandit today while we were lounging poolside. He was an instant hit with my young nephews who kept hoping for a full on face view. We had to explain to the boys that the unsavoury rodent was just fine where he was and that he seemed so docile because daytime is prime nap time for raccoons. The Lil Bro and The Ying to his Yang were also visiting today and they made the not-so-welcome observation that the tree was most likely his summer cottage and that he might make my attic his winter retreat. We will have to keep an eye on the little bastard so that this fantasy does not become reality. Honestly, I cannot understand why he would make his home in the North Jewish Ghetto. Toronto is into its third week of a garbage strike and the city has become a veritable smorgasbord for the rodent community. Some of his Toronto relatives should advise the little creature that the good eats can be found in the city. Enjoy the photos.


  1. I think he is beautiful! You should check out my FB page for a photo of the opossum that got stuck in our window well. I scooped him out with a fishing net and sent him on his merry way.

  2. He/she is really cute!!

    I have 4 just like it who visit my backyard in the early evening and tease my cat through the sliding glass door in the back.

    Maybe your raccoon wants some friends to come over?

  3. Just make sure your chimney is capped properly! We had one decide that ours was a cosy place to spend the winter! We had to wait for a mild day before it would venture back outside through a one way door.
    On another note, did you know that squirrels eat pine-cones like we eat corn on the cob? It was actually very cute to watch...for a rodent that is!