Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Spring Haiku

I was feeling a bit creative today, so please forgive me if you hate poetry. A few verses of Haiku to help usher in the spring season. These are all mine (for better or for worse!) so please don't pass on without credit. Thanks. 

Pesach ends tonight
Matzah clogs finally ends
Enjoy your pizza!

Sounds of Spring abound
Leaf blowers and lawn mowers
Grass-guy back at work

How'd you know it's Spring?
The Jays are back playing hard
The Leafs are golfing

Ducks in dirty water
Geese nest on eggs with venom
Shit is everywhere

It's cold, it's hot, it's...
Tough to dress for the climate
I'm still wearing gloves

Kids on bikes and blades
Tank tops, cut offs and no socks
It's still cold, dumbass!

Smells like tulips and lilies
Not awakened skunk

City comes alive
Hibernation is over
Ass-whip apathy

Fresh fruit and veggies
Going organic this year
Wish I could garden

Enjoy the season
Spring reawakens the soul
Summer almost here.

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