Thursday, 16 April 2009

And It Isn't Even Grey Goose!

It seems that a Canada goose and his mate have taken up residence in front of The Husband's and Twin Son's new distillery. (We pause briefly for this commercial message. A wonderful new malt vodka will soon be available from Still Waters Distillery. Their website will be operational soon, but in the meantime, you can follow their progress on Twitter. You can also keep up with the guys at Premium Bottlers  or on Facebook. Please do! I have a family to support and it would be nice to be able to pay for Younger Son's college tuition next year.) Back to the geese. The feathered pair have apparently decided to construct their dream house directly in front of the distillery building. Mother Goose has come to the conclusion that it is a great parenting plan to birth and raise the little ones in close proximity to a den of alcoholic production. One can only imagine her next rhyme.

The Husband and Twin Son have gotten together to whip up a new batch of booze
"The vodka" they cried has become "scotch"ified
So pick any poison you choose! 

Anybody who has ever been up close and personal with a nesting Canada goose knows full well to stay the hell out of her way. This little lady is no exception. She has apparently developed a nasty attitude when any person approaches and makes quite a racket when pissed off. For the last couple of days, the boys noticed that 2 eggs were dispatched from the nest. One is now gone, probably as a result of a nocturnal visitation from a local fox, but the second one remains, orphaned by its parents. After a bit of research, I have discovered that this is common practice for a goose if the egg is no longer viable, or if there is no more room at the inn. In other words, if the nest is overcrowded as a result of an overly fertile and sexually active goose, the mother will actually push a few of her children out of the house early and nest on the remainder. (An interesting idea that might have real human world applications!) She is still quite protective of the orphaned egg and nips actively at onlookers. Older Son took these photos, and was quite concerned about being kamikazed by a tight-assed, hormonal and behaviourally challenged she-goose. I thank him profusely for his service to the cause. Enjoy the photos.

Maybe she wants a taste. She really does seem to be begging like an alcoholic in front of a bar window.

Poor little orphan. We have been told not to touch it, just in case Mama and Papa decide to repatriate it.

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