Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Waiting for the Morning After

I don't do suspense well.  I hate movies that put the audience through the ringer, simply because they have as their goal a massive payoff at the end. (Mood music sucks!!)

I hate surprises.  I am anal retentive and methodical, hence I appreciate order, uniformity, regularity and routine.  I have suffered through only one surprise birthday party in my lifetime (my 18th) and I was thankful to have been felled by the flu, so that I did not have to feign shock.  

Fifteen years ago, I was fortunate enough to have attended a couple of World Series games involving my beloved Blue Jays.  I was grateful that they were early in the series, so that I didn't have to sit on shpilkis while my team battled for the championship against the Phillies. I had just arrived home from an evening at the theatre,  when Joe Carter hit his now famous home run. The husband and I managed to view the final inning without any of the suspense that preceded it.  I recently watched the entire final game on ESPN Classic, and I must say that it was very satisfying to view when the outcome was known and no longer in doubt. 

So it is with knotted stomach and lumpy throat, that I sit here in anticipation of the polls closing.  I am allowing my imagination to run wild.  I am concocting scenarios whereby we might witness another tarnished election.  I am watching CNN with the sound muted because I cannot take one more story about voting problems and broken machines.  I am avoiding all talk of exit polls and voter fraud.  I just want to know the inevitability.  I want to know the winner and I want the winner to be.......well, guess!!!

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