Thursday, 16 October 2008

Some Things Just Defy Explanation

There are just some things that cannot be explained, nor should they!!  I need to thank a good friend for the heads-up to this apparently growing trend.  Men's Pantyhose!! Yes, you read that correctly.  Check out this site.

Now I spend a good portion of my life attempting to figure out how not to wear pantyhose.  Are my legs tanned enough?  Have I sufficiently shaved?  Is it warm enough to forgo the struggle, pain and droopiness of this surely misogynistic invention?  And here are some obviously in need of therapy men, who not only wear the damn things, but embrace them as a cultural sea-change!! 

A few questions to the guys out there.  Wouldn't you think that wearing these contraptions would squeeze the "boys" a bit?  Maybe single leg nylons with garters might suit better.  How does one go about designing suitable hose for the male leg?  Does the nylon need to be extra durable to hide the hairy legs or do these men shave and/or wax?  Where does one go to buy male pantyhose?  The lingerie department at Sears doesn't carry King-size last I looked!!  I really think that I want to be there the first time the husband, the progeny or any of our male friends try on pantyhose for the very first time!! I will bring the popcorn and the diet coke, ladies and we can make an evening out of it!!

Oh my God!! There are just some lines that should not be crossed.  I think this is one of them!

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