Thursday, 25 September 2008

Stop the Stupid and Other Random Thoughts!

I am still not on the "downside" of this High Holiday nonsense, so unfortunately (or fortunately if you are so inclined!) I must continue with my abbreviated forms of postings. I am hopeful that the light is at the end of this tunnel and that I will return to my former self within a few short weeks. (The husband is also hopeful that the raging bitch that he has been living with for the last few weeks is on her way out the door!!) Both of the progeny are undoubtedly very grateful (say a few Modims boys!!) that they are way outside of the firing line this Yom Tov season. And so, I offer a few stop the stupids and a few random thoughts as we approach 5769!

1. Sarah Palin. If it wasn't so serious, the woman would be positively comical. It has been more than four weeks since her nomination, and the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee still has not faced down a real press conference. Her appearance last evening with Katie Couric was truly embarrassing. She could not come up with a single example of how John McCain has fought to control the nightmare that has become Wall Street. She visibly squirmed at Katie's questioning of how seeing Russia from her porch qualifies her in any way to speak to foreign policy issues. This woman could very well be the president of the United States within 4 years and they are protecting her like she is has the Colonel's secret recipe. There is now the very real possibility that we may see the postponement of the Vice-Presidential debate, due to her running mate's Hail Mary campaign suspension. The people need to hear from this woman. Enough already. Either she is ready or she is not, but it is time to find out. Stop the Stupid!!!

2. In the interest of equal time. Politicians of all stripes cannot seem to keep their mouths in check. Case in point, Senator Joe Biden, the Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee. Yesterday, during an interview with the aforementioned Ms. Couric, Mr. Biden ranted about the lack of leadership that the Dumbass in the Oval was displaying during this economic crisis. Comparing the present with the past, Biden yelped, "In 1929 when the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt went on television and reassured the nation that things would be ok. He showed true leadership." Mr. Biden! Franklin Roosevelt wasn't the president in 1929, Herbert Hoover was. Not only that, there weren't a whole lot of televisions in US households in 1929, there were radios. OY!! So stupid!

3. Random thought! What is up with our passport pictures? Ever since 9/11, it is required to have a passport to travel outside of the country. My passport is coming due at the end of January, and since I would like to NOT be here during the worst that winter has to offer, I am making efforts to renew it now. I have mentioned the hideous nature of my passport picture before. I have literally had ticket agents and customs officials laugh at my photo. Truly!! Laugh out laugh and to my face. One poor woman at La Guardia was reduced to a quivering idiot and kept apologizing to me for her unprofessional behaviour. I have waited 5 long years to replace this nightmare of a portrait. So, it was with true excitement that I prepared to have my mugshot snapped. The husband and I prepared to go on Monday, but I found myself dozing off for 20 minutes in the afternoon and as such, my hair was in a state of flux. The husband, understanding my angst (it has been 5 years in the making) agreed to put off our excursion for 24 hours. The picture, while not anything I would submit to Vogue is marginally better than the image of Shrek's grandmother that has adorned my passport for the past half-decade. If Homeland Security or the RCMP honestly believes that this is a facially recognizable vision of me, then have at it!! Honestly, I think we all look as though we have a chronic constipation problem.

4. Random thought deux! How does one get a bruise on the sole of the foot? Not the ball, toe or heel, but the instep sole! I managed this "feat" (pun intended) this week. I have no idea how I did it, all I know is that it hurt like the fires of hell!! This gruesome looking yellowish purple mark spread hideously across the bottom of my right foot and caused me to limp for several days. I don't remember stepping on anything! I am getting old. Not only can I not recall hurting myself, but I am now hurting myself in places that were unknown to me before. Shit! The world is a cruel place.

5. John McCain owns 13 cars! Explain to me how he can in good conscience call Obama elitist? Enough said!!

6. Does anyone here in Canada still care that we go to the polls in 2 1/2 weeks? Seems very quiet! Harper is stepping all over his tongue in tightly controlled news conferences and nobody seems to care. (Average Canadians apparently don't care about the arts!! Who knew?) The best we can hope for is another Conservative minority, but I am truly scared that the worst is yet to come. This man doesn't have a hidden agenda. It is out there for the world to see and people are still going to vote for him because we are truly devoid of options. Smarten up Canada!! Get involved and realize that neo-cons are the wave of the past not the future.

A couple of moments for personal thought! Happy Birthday Dad!! I know that 70 is an age that you really wanted to come and go without much fanfare, but I can only hope that I have as much going for me at 70 as you do. You are a pistol and I wouldn't want you any other way!! Much love always.

May the year 5769 bring with it health, happiness, love, friendship and smarter people in power in both countries!!!! May we all have sweetness and good times in our lives always.

Shana Tova U'm'tukah!!


  1. Keep up your good work and great thoughts. It's a pleasure to read your ramblings. Althought, I wonder, at times, if it wouldn't help if you had a glass of white wine before you began your writing.
    I really believe that G-d somehow is watching over us as we enter another horrible election season here in the USA. Or that many, many people are channeling positive thoughts to make sure our entire democaratic process doesn't come to a screeching halt.
    Thinking and praying never hurt a cause. For the holidays, are you a cantor at a shul????

  2. The husband also wishes I would take up a glass of wine on occasion, but I don't drink!! I need to find other stress relievers and I guess this venting helps a great deal. Prayer through music is always a plus!