Monday, 25 August 2008

Wolf Blitzer Needs to Retire---NOW!!!!


I am sitting here attempting to watch the opening night of the Democratic National Convention. And, while I can somewhat stomach the over-the-top patriotism, the lapel pins, the red, white and blue costumes, the obvious references to Barack Obama's religious beliefs (He is a Christian, you know!) and mood manipulations of a children's choir voicing God Bless America, I am stunned at the lack of preparation by CNN Chief Anchor Wolf Blitzer. He has consistently, over the past 2 hours, mispronounced names, forgotten who his reporters are, struggled to fill airtime and on one momentous occasion actually counted down (an actually countdown!!) to Senator Kennedy's moment in the sun. This should be a convention changing moment. The bastion of the democratic left, hauling himself out of a sick bed to pass the torch onto the next generation, and Wolf is fumbling the history.

Anderson Cooper needs to take the reins soon or else Wolf may soon end up mixing up Barack Obama with Osama!!! HELP!!!

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  1. Hi Dawn, my hubby (who works for CNN) was very amused by your post. He promised to pass along your feedback.