Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Camp Laundry!!

Just be glad that you cannot smell it!! This is the result of 10 weeks away for two young adult males. I find it interesting that both boys did their own laundry all summer and the Older Son does his all the time, but the camp laundry is all mom's!! Older Son just sort of flashes me that look. You know the one! The batting of the long lashes, the half-cocked smile and the "I love you Mom" in that "warm like butter" voice that he has!! Younger Son makes no such pretense. It is just an accepted fact of life that I do his laundry. Frankly, he wouldn't know where to start with this pile! And....so it goes! I might be available to see the light of day by Thursday. Oh, yeah..THEY ARE FINALLY HOME!!!

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