Saturday, 26 July 2008

A Quick Bit of Fun to Spice up the Weekend!

Just a short shot to enhance your weekend. Yesterday the family and I met for dinner at a local haunt. There were nine of us in total. As the meal neared it's conclusion, my little bro decided to discover our gambling levels and cohones! Four credit cards were placed into the folder with the bill. The idea was that we would let the waiter choose one at random, and that poor sucker would get stuck with the bill. After all of us agreed on the terms, the die was cast!! Waiter comes to the table and is told without bias, to arbitrarily choose one card. Other Dad drew the short straw!! Like the good sport that he is, he graciously picked up the check despite all of our protestations that this was just a game. He said a bet is a bet and he made good!! If you are looking for a way to combat the boredom, I highly recommend this game, especially if you can get a free meal out of it. It also helps to have a good sport at the table like Other Dad!


  1. hmm little bro huh? does he know that's what he's called?

  2. You mean I didn't win yesterday? Usually, I buy a ticket, my number gets drawn and I get a prize!! Does this mean I am not getting a prize? Other Dad

  3. Dawn, great idea, lets try this the next time we have the 3 B's and 1 A together... any thoughts on who will lose?

    From Barry, Kathy & Celia (at the cottage)